Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Picking Fun

I don't know about you, but the area I live in is a pumpkin-picking boomtown. There are at least five choices within a twenty minute drive, two of which are mere minutes from my house. These patches are as simple as pick a pumpkin and pay all the way to elaborate, with admission prices, zip lines, corn mazes, hay rides, etc. In years past we have gone to a neighboring farm for a free hayride and pumpkin picking right in the field. This year, however, we choose to try a new farm just a few miles down the road.

The farm was nicely kept and the activities kid-friendly and fun. What we did not expect was that it was cash only. Thankfully we had enough for the day, which really was not that much considering our past pumpkin purchases. Two large and three small pumpkins plus the cost of activities ended up less than $20 for the three kids.

Friendly goats greeted us and enjoyed the "free" food found on the ground.

A mini tractor ride that was both bumpy and fast. Naturally the kids loved it!

The bounce house - yay! The boys loved this and spent quite a bit of time here.

Miss Bear did not care so much for the bounce house as you can see.

A free hayride, one that I opted out on. After, daddy and the kids promptly "lost" themselves in the 8-acre corn maze.

Choosing pumpkins. We have some great helpers.

With all this pumpkin-mania going around, I will post a few of my favorite pumpkin recipes here shortly. They are too good to keep to myself.

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