Saturday, October 8, 2011

Patriotic Alphabet Parade: *C*hristopher Columbus

I am a little behind in posting this letter (we did it nearly two weeks ago!), but I wanted to be sure to get it up considering Christopher Columbus Day is this Monday so you may be inspired to try something at home.

Our format week-to-week is pretty consistent:

  • sing ABC song
  • have a grab bag with letter of the week items (C: stuffed cat, candy, coins, car, carrot, cow)
  • practice letter writing and color a picture using the pages I created (C is for Christopher Columbus: Pre-K version or Kindergarten version)
  • eat a snack (cookies) and read a book on Christopher Columbus (we also looked at a globe to describe his journey)
  • craft time:
    • craft: egg carton sail boats. I don't have a picture as it was quickly destroyed, but it is simple to make. Recycle an egg carton. Cut out a square (a section that would contain four eggs). Attach a flag made of a toothpick and triangular paper sail glued on. To make it last, use a thin plastic - like from a folder - laminate the paper sail before attaching, or cover paper sail with tape.
    • letter collage using collage sheets I made (C is for Cotton Balls - glue on cotton balls; can do cloud shapes, or color in letter)
  • Sailed their boats in tubs of water. One tub was long enough two kids could race their ships to the other side. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the kids loved this activity.
At home, I took Critter's papers, finished what I needed to with him, and continued work on his alphabet scrapbook. Here is what I came up with:

First Page

The handwriting/coloring page. Apparently Critter doesn't want to do the tracing one (the pre-k version) so I will have to try giving him the "do your own" version. He also helped Miss Bear color her page.

Second Page

"C is for Cotton Balls" - Critter glued on cotton balls. He did not want to color or to stretch the balls to make clouds.

Third Page

This was a fun page and enjoyed by both Critter and Skipper. There was a little coloring book, 3 pages, telling the brief story of Christopher Columbus. The rest of the page is taken up by the game, "Go West with Columbus." (game cards and gameboard) The boys used quarters as their "boat" and took turns drawing cards to see which way they traveled: north, south, east, or west. The first to the far left won. I had also found this Christopher Columbus cut-out moveable doll but left it out.

Fourth Page

This map of Columbus' voyage was actually done last year but now, instead of hiding away in a folder, it is on display. Grab a brown paper bag and age it if you wish (crumple it, spill tea on it, burn the edges, etc.). Draw your basic geography in with permanent marker as well as the three boats. Finish picture by watercoloring: green for the Old World, blue for the ocean, and brown for the New World).

For additional fun, there are some great resources at this site (scroll down to Week 1: Columbus).

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