Thursday, October 27, 2011

Keeping It Real

I have seen/heard a few women lately telling how frustrated they have become, or out-of-focus with their family's needs, or cannot look at one more blog post as it undermines their own efforts within their own families by supporting feelings that they cannot keep up, or do what that person does, or be as perfect as that person seems to be. And that's key... seems to be. We all know blogs are just a peek into the life of one person, and just as most of us rush around to do a crazy clean run before company arrives, so too do we keep our blogs nice and neat. Usually. Sometimes I see a "keep it real" post and it is comforting. It helps to see that I am not the only one struggling, the only one going through something similar. So in that spirit, here's to "keeping it real," with a few ramblings.

Do you ever have mornings like this? (I am a bit embarrassed about this video, pjs and more but keeping it real here.) And, I do sound a little mean, I think - yikes, sorry kids! Motion sickness warning! This video was taken by Skipper and it most definitely is all over the place.


I have definitely been feeling pregnant this last week or so. I am praying that this 3rd trimester passes without too much physical difficulty and that I can keep my energy up, but these last few days are showing that, perhaps, that might not be the case. On top of that, Miss Bear is hanging onto her crankiness (how much of this is normal in a 2 year old?), Critter is a tad defiant - testing those boundaries - so it is a constant struggle to be consistent when sometimes I just want to give in, and Skipper is overly emotional. He is definitely my emotional child anyway, but lately? Whew, let's just say he can tone it down a bit. Apparently, all my tired faces are "mean faces" to him and he thinks I am mad at him. Makes me feel horrible and I try to put on a bright face but sometimes that is difficult to do, especially when one just wakes up in the morning!


The other night, my husband and I were taking a "spice" index questionare to use while I learn the Creighton model of NFP. We ended up laughing because the first question asks how our communication is. My reply? Great, when we actually have time to do it! And I discovered my husband thinks I do not show enough intimacy (little touches throughout the day kind of thing) so I am making an effort at doing that more. How quickly I have forgotten how much touch means to him. He is definitely more physical than I. But it has been nice since we have made time each evening to sit, chat a bit, and watch a show together before we go our own ways (he's a night owl) so I get a little communication and he gets a little closeness. Before this, we might watch a show but I would be on the laptop trying to get something done at the same time. I guess, sometimes we need to stop multi-tasking!


As for dirty dishes piling up, my bedroom looking like it spit-up clothing, baskets of stuff to go elsewwhere, and the continual battle with toys? Let's not go there. We all know what that's about!


Finally, I think this time of year is always a time of shaking it up. I have never been so busy in the fall as I have this year, and yet, I still feel the restless urge. The urge to change, to go somewhere, to do something different, and the urge to look at myself - to see the failures. Instead, I need to see not the failures as failures but as a chance to improve myself, and to also look at the positives. This is a chance to give thanks for my blessings, to look ahead to the holidays with joy - and not just as a to-do list (though naturally that will be there as well), and to feel blessed with each day I have here on earth to show God's love to my family and to others.

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew." -- St. Francis de Sales


God bless you all!


  1. Love it!!! Love the video, because it's the way it is I think at everyone's house....except maybe mama, no choice in juice would help? I don't give a choice anymore, they get what they get or they get none.

    (You didn't sound mean at all!)
    Your little video taper is just precious too!!

    Thanks for "keeping it real"

  2. Yeah, I usually don't give a juice choice. Who knows what I was thinking that morning? ;)

  3. Awesome video. I had a headache the past two days so my kitchen look 'awesome' (not) this morning. I was very close to taking a picture of the counters covered and over-covered in dishes...but I didn't. =l Haha, we used to give our kids choices on everything, then we realized that they'd just say "no" and demand a third choice, so we quit. Now it's my choice "take it, or leave it". =)


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