Friday, September 30, 2011

U.S. States Scrapbook: Week 3

Massachusetts & New York

This week was a fun one with the states. Skipper seemed to really enjoy the class. Though I did not get much out of him except that he really likes dried cranberries with fresh apples and that they read a Paul Revere book in class just like the poem I read him. Sometimes extracting information from him is like pulling teeth. ;) But I could tell he enjoyed it by the enthusiasm he put into his state studies at home.


Outside of his co-op class, we put together his scrapbook pages and went over Paul Revere's Ride by reading the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and making a map of his ride.

Page 1: state flag with state info, postcard, state map, coin

Page 2: Paul Revere with short info, state flower (Mayflower), state bird (black-capped chickadee), poem booklet for Paul Revere, and map of Paul Revere's ride

New York

Skipper loves his sticker map of New York, and he actually enjoyed coloring the Statue of Liberty. He let me color his bluebird. I just love bluebirds and could not stand to see it stay black and white.

Page 1: postcard, sticker map (see it unfolded below), coin, flag and info, state map that flips up to show U.S. map with New York colored in

Page 2: Statue of Liberty dot-to-dot coloring page that lifts up to show a fact page on the statue, state flower (rose), state bird (bluebird)

U.S. Flash cards with map and facts (found at Target in the dollar bin).

Next week he looks forward to learning about Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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