Sunday, September 18, 2011

U.S. States Scrapbook: Washington D.C. & Maine

As I already mentioned with the Patriotic Alphabet Parade, last week was our first "American" class through a local co-op. Skipper learned about Washington D.C. and the state of Maine. I took his materials from class and had him help me create a scrapbook, using a 12x12 scrapbook and cardstock.

Since Skipper is not a fan of a ton of coloring, I chose to incorporate some art (= painting, which he likes) into the design. Here is what we came up with, along with a few supplemental activities we did at home:

Washington D.C. (page one)

Washington D.C. (page 2): Skipper painted a cherry tree for the background with room on the left to add info.

Maine (page 1): black paint/glue outline with watercolor fill-in. Room still for postcard if we ever receive one.

Maine (page 2): same art steps as above. Room for state quarter when we find one.

U.S. state flashcards with geography and state facts (found in the dollar bin at Target at the beginning of the school year).

50 Great States workbook (again, the dollar bin at Target): each state includes a simple activity, dot-to-dot, handwriting practice and a state fact.

U.S. geography felt map. Our cat really enjoys sleeping on it.

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