Wednesday, September 28, 2011

U.S. States Scrapbook: New Hampshire & Vermont

New Hampshire

For his background, Skipper used a maple leaf stencil and added a touch of fall to his pages. I printed out the page and recycled a cereal box to make the stencil. Skipper painted with tempera paint and added a bit of science with mixing colors (no matter how old he is, Skipper loves the magic of mixing colors).

Unfortunately, glueing on the paper hand-outs covered up much of the leaves. But that did not seem to phase Skipper.


Skipper enjoyed the art project for this state. On the first page, he made a small picture of a covered bridge. Using a black crayon to outline and fill in the bridge, he then added color using watercolors.

My sample for Skipper to follow. I chose sunrise colors.

Skipper's covered bridge picture. He chose a darkening sky.

1st Page: state coin, flag, and map. Room to put in a postcard if he ever receives one.

For the second page, Skipper again used a crayon (to draw in the outline) and watercolors (to fill in). He choose to make a large ice-cream cone since Vermont is home to Ben and Jerry's. Even Critter wanted in on this but he was quickly distracted with a Christopher Columbus game.

2nd Page: ice-cream art, state flower, state bird.

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