Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fair Madness

This week our county fair is going on. It's just down the road and a fun thing to do with the kids. But September weather... You just never know what it will be. The only day we could go to the fair this year was yesterday. And we went. Despite a full day of on/off rain. And this was a day of rain after a full day of rain on Monday. Yes, the fair grounds were a mess. We were lucky and parked in a "clean" area and were able to take a tractor to the actual fair grounds area. The kids were so excited to be at the fair, and to see all the rides. We purchased ride bands for them and they quickly went on the carousel (Miss Bear's absolute favorite). And then it started to rain. The ride ended and we walked really fast to the arts and craft barn (I cannot run while pregnant!!!). It poured harder - so hard we could hardly hear each other over the rain hitting the roof. Finally, though it ended and the rides slowly started up again. The kids did not seem to mind wet bottoms. Thankfully it only sprinkled a few times after that, with a few moments of harder rain. The kids were able to ride rides, grab some fair food (vendor that only does fresh potato fries - one of the few foods I trust to be gluten-free), and peek around a bit before we decided to head home. My husband left slightly earlier to grab the van and meet us on a side street so that the kids did not have to walk through the really bad mud. That would have been a great plan except that we waited and waited for him to show. I finally called him and it turns out our van was stuck! What had been a "nice" area was now a mud pit and the tractors could not pull us out as there was no place to hitch onto. Pushing the van didn't budge it. Here I was with the kids who were getting tired, cranky, and no doubt hungry. The sun was starting to set and the air was turning chilly. After waiting a bit longer with no luck, I decided to start walking the kids to a local McD's about a mile and half or so away (we were in a residential area and I knew we couldn't be much help with a stuck van - I needed warmth, food, and a seat!). Thankfully we had only gone a short distance when my husband called, saying the van was unstuck thanks for a larger crew pushing him out. Yay! So we loaded up and headed home. As we turned into our neighborhood, the last of twilight was burning off, showing clear skies.

The boys' favorite ride? The zero gravity ride (every fair it is called something different) where you spin in a circle and stick to the walls. This ride also went on its side meaning the boys were facing the ground. I cannot believe how much they loved it! I would never have been so daring, even with a few years added to their age! The funhouse was a hit as well, especially with Skipper but at $2 extra a pop, he could only go once. And Critter loved the swings. Skipper said he did but it was Critter who wore the largest grin ever.

Despite the rain and mud, it was a fun few hours!

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