Friday, August 5, 2011

ABC's of Pre-K: Letter A

This week was a toughy. Only the second week in and I am ready to throw in the towel. Or at least bury my head in a pillow to muffle a scream or two. There were too many tears. Too many "I don't want to's." Too much attitude and too much whining. More fighting than loving. What is going on? Maybe it was just illness. Critter was down with a fever on Tuesday and into the night. He still doesn't seem quite himself. Miss Bear seems to be teething yet again (come in molars, come in already!). And Austin... I don't know. He's six? Is that reason enough yet? But we perservered and the week is in the past. A whole new one is opening up.

So what did we do for letter A week?

Faith Formation

We again acted out the creation story using the felt board I made as well as going with the flow with whatever questions that brought about. This week there were actually more questions coming from our Bible reading than anything (Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel). Critter also worked on his prayer book and is currently learning the "Angel of God" prayer.

Catholic ABC's

**From Catholic Icing.

Saint of the Week: St. Anthony - read a little story, made a holy card, and prayed to him throughout the week.

Craft: Angel

Letter Formation

Critter used different media to practice the letter A (both big and little A).

Other Fun Things
  • "A" letter hunt page - we read a cute little story and then Critter highlighted all the A's and a's he could find. The one I used is no longer available for free but is part of a K4 curriculum package.
  • Read a variety of books, including our Letter A Moncure book (love these, so glad I found some on ebay a long time ago) and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (after which we put up "A" and "a" on our coconut tree in celebration of learning the letter).
  • A puzzle along with what sound it makes using the Leap Frog song (if you have the magnets, you know what I'm talking about: "The a says ahh. The a says ahh. Every letter makes a sound the a says ahh. And sometimes A."
  • Aa sorting page
  • Catholic Heritage Curricula I Can Find Letter Sounds (Letter A) and I Can Find Numbers and Shapes (circle). After coloring in a picture of an applesauce jar for the letter A, I suggested we could make some applesauce, to which Critter replied with an enthusiastic yes! He wanted it to be red and blue and yellow like his picture. So we went with apples, strawberries and blueberries to make a purple applesauce. And it was certainly purple but the taste was off. Pretty to look but not so great to eat. What a bummer.
  • floor numbers - we used them as large flash cards, played hopscotch, made a circle out of them, put them in order.
  • A letter match page:
  • ABC craft: A is for alligator.

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  1. I love all the crafts as a way to teach faith formation. thanks for sharing.


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