Monday, August 29, 2011

ABC's of Pre-K: Letter B

Ah, the letter B. Such a harmless thing, don't you think? But apparently, for Critter, it was something to be wary of, to reject. I truly love his independent spirit but when it comes to schooling, it is not always an easy thing! The letter B took us two weeks to complete and once done, I changed up his schooling plans and I think it worked well with letter C (to come shortly - I am a bit behind. Starting to feel this baby wear me down a little!). So for letter B, here we go!

Faith Formation
  • acted out the creation story using the felt board I made as well as going with the flow with whatever questions that brought about.
  • Continuing to memorize "Angel of God" prayer.
  • Catholic ABC's (from Catholic Icing): B is for Bible bookmark, Saint of the Week: St. Bernadette (holy card, prayer)
    Letter Formation & Other Fun Things
    • do-a-dot page using do-a-dot markers (the kids love these markers!)
    • "B" letter hunt page - we read a cute little story and then Critter highlighted all the A's and a's he could find. The one I used is no longer available for free but is part of a K4 curriculum package.
    • Read a variety of books, including our Letter B Moncure book (love these, so glad I found some on ebay a long time ago) and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (after which we put up "B" and "b" on our coconut tree in celebration of learning the letter).
    • B puzzle along with what sound it makes using the Leap Frog song (if you have the magnets, you know what I'm talking about: "The a says ahh. The a says ahh. Every letter makes a sound the a says ahh. And sometimes A."
    • Bb sorting page
    • Butterfly clip cards (math)
    • Catholic Heritage Curricula I Can Find Letter Sounds (Letter B) and I Can Find Numbers and Shapes (square).
    • Made banana pops thanks to daddy (chocolate covered frozen bananas)
    • Butterfly dice game (math)
    • ABC craft: letter B (Skipper did the little letters and Critter the big) and all are now hanging along their bedroom wall as a top border.

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