Thursday, August 4, 2011

ABC's of Pre-K: Intro Week

It has been insanely hot this summer and with a new baby coming in the middle of the school year I decided to put in a few weeks of school to give us a bit of time off during the nicer fall months as well as give us some extra breathing space this year. Here's what Critter was up to this past week.

All of us start our school day with a prayer and a Bible reading (or devotional). On Monday the kids learned about St. John Bosco (our saint for the week) and made up a holy card. Then it was off to individual work.

For faith formation, our month's theme is Creation and God as the one true God. Critter listens to and plays with the Creation Felt Story I made the kids. I tell the story while Critter places the items on the board and our discussion goes from there. "Why does God make storms?" "It's a daddy." (Talking about Adam.) "God made me."

Throughout the week, we also do prayer work together. Critter is starting on a prayer book, beginning with the basics as he is quite the stubborn child. This week we created the cover page and really focused on the Sign of the Cross (he knows how to do it - he just won't do it all the time). I must say he really likes the prayer book idea. I think because it's his own. In his words, "I can read it to you, to 'Skipper,' to 'Miss Bear,' to daddy, to anyone!" And, after less than a week, he is doing the Sign of the Cross very solemnly and nearly every single time without too many reminders. Yay!

Naturally, we read books throughout the week. We love books! Though I could have done with a bit more reading this week and less tv (thanks to a migraine).

Here's what Critter did this week (no particular day):
  • ABC song using an ABC foam puzzle we picked up second-hand after which he created his own "designs." I made some cubes which Skipper thought was great. We have been singing the ABC song every single day. Even Miss Bear. I hear them singing to each other. Very cute.

  • Craft: name caterpillar - he liked doing this.
  • Science box fun (gathered some shells, rocks, feathers, magnifying glasses, tweezers, magnets, paper clips, etc. in a box). All my kids loved exploring the items I collected.
  • Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - not a big hit.
  • Letter Clothespin Match-Up - loved this.
  • ABC videos (via Netflix - like Leap Frog)
  • ABC coloring page - not a big hit. It perhaps would have been more fun to match letter stickers to the coloring page. My kids just are not fans of coloring pages.
  • Car wash - hung crepe streamers from both ends of my piano bench and he ran his cars through the "wash." Kids expected it to be something wet and so were a bit disappointed.
  • Hung up our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom coconut tree in anticipation of learning our letters (and read the book - such a kid favorite!). Critter cannot wait to add his letters to the tree, which we hung up in his bedroom.
  • Made pretend alphabet soup using Learning Resource's Smart Snacks ABC Lacing Sweets. This turned into stacking letters into a toilet paper tube to making letter hats (using a bowl filled with letters that then rained down on them). I love Learning Resource toys. Every single one I have purchased has been played with and loved. And great quality too.
  • Decorated a coconut tree coloring page with ABC stamps and stickers.
  • Played a few letter games at Starfall.
  • Learning Resources Color Cookies: played cookie tower game and a game where you make a cookie, guessing what the next cookie will be (if you make the match, you keep it and whoever builds 6 cookies first wins). Skipper loves playing this too by himself and we still have two more game versions to try out.
  • "Art" - Critter picked out a sheet to do from A Beka Book Art Projects K4. I'm not particularly fond of this book but the kids seem to like it and we have some pages leftover so I am letting Critter use them up as part of his "art" lesson.

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