Friday, July 8, 2011

Letter Clothespin Match-Up

Here is a fun activity for little ones ready to have some ABC fun. And it is super easy and incredibly quick to make. I plan on using it with Critter for our ABC intro week this fall. Can be as fancy or frugal as you like!

Materials Needed:
  • 26 clothespins (I think if I did it again I would use the pinch kind)
  • Capital-sized letter stickers (or colorful markers), 2 sets
  • box or container to fit the letters around and hopefully to store the clothespins in
  • mod podge, glue, glue gun (your choice)
How to Make It:

Place stickers around the box in alphabetical order. Put other set of stickers on the clothespin. If needed, apply a little mod podge or glue to keep stickers on. Let dry. Store clothespin in the box and there you go!


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