Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lego Mania: Creepy Crawlies

Last week's Lego Mania was technically a bust. Only if the kids were required to follow the week's theme of food that is. I was pretty inspired by these kids but apparently my small group was not so inclined and it ended up a kid's choice. Though Skipper did attempt and made a multi-colored hotdog.

My mac-n-cheese and peas.

Hot dog by Skipper

This week's theme of creepy crawlies was more of a hit. Skipper did a great job coming up with his huge "fly" (which could double as a musk ox) and I loved the emotional spider. Critter just had to copy with his own, almost identical version. Here are the kids' creations:

J (age 5): a bug house

Miss Bear (age 2) - did she really do this?!

A (age 10): happy spider

A (age 10): sad spider

Skipper (age 6): fly

Critter (age 4): sad spider (that also turned happy)

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