Monday, July 25, 2011

Creation Felt Story

For Critter's Pre-K year, I plan on using some of Lacy's ideas over at Catholic Icing in regards to his faith formation. However, I wanted to add some themes so that we have a monthly theme rather than a quarterly theme. For our first month, we are starting from the beginning - God is the one true God and He is the one who created all (and still creates all). I debated what hands-on type activiy to do when I decided that creating a felt board would be perfect. If you do not want to make your own, there are some available on the web like this one and this one. I had the felt lying around so it was a "no-spender" project for me.

Since I did not have a felt board, I first had to make one. Thankfully, we had a perfect piece of thick styrofoam that works perfectly and if I ever want to hang it up, it will be light-weight and easy to do. I made a big board since we used to own a small felt board that I felt you could not do much with. With a large piece of brown felt (all I had in the size) and a glue gun, my board was born. Then I created each scene. Watch if unfold (based on Genesis 1-2:3):

In the beginning there was darkness.

God separated the dark from the light.

God separated the sky from the waters below.

God gathered the waters together into oceans and such and dry land appeared. He created trees, flowers, and all kinds of flowering plants to inhabit the land.

God set the sun in the sky to rule the day and the moon and the stars to rule the night.

Fish and other creatures of the ocean were made as well as birds for the sky.

Animals roamed the earth and man and woman were made in God's image.

The kids - all of them - loved this and were so excited to see it ready for them on the counter in the morning. I kept the story simple because I wanted to convey the idea that God is creator of all and that He was there from the beginning, is here now, and will always be here. We wrapped it up with singing Jesus Loves Me and He's Got the Whole World in His Hands.

If you want to make one of your own, a few board ideas are a piece of wood, thick cardboard, styrofoam or a large plastic lid (from a plastic storage bin). Or if you like the creation theme but do not have the materials, create a Creation booklet like this one or print out pictures of your own for your child to glue and color. Or how about printing out pictures on cardstock and putting them in order as a game (or making a memory game out of it)? My main goal was to have the kids be hands-on with a little Montessori-type action going on but there really are a ton of ideas out there for the story of Creation.


  1. this is delightful. you are quite talented, Nicole! I'm here today from Angie's blog where you are listed as a new member of Catholic Mom blogs. so nice to meet you! you have a lovely family.

  2. Thank you! The kids are loving it.

  3. Hi Nicole. I stopped by to say hi as I'm also a new member of CMO.

    This was such a creative idea.. I think my youngest would love it and my third-born the budding artist would enjoy making it with me.

    Great to meet you. God bless!

  4. Have fun with it! My 4.5 year old really loves it (though the other two enjoy it as well, just not as thoroughly).


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