Thursday, June 23, 2011

Paper Doll Priests

For our Summer with the Saints meeting this week we will be celebrating Saint Peter the Apostle (feast day is June 29th). I was having trouble deciding what to do for the activity part. At first I thought maybe something to do with fish, one of St. Peter's symbols, such as this simple, yet fun chalk drawing. But, I like a challenge and I wanted our craft projects to be useful if at all possible. So I thought, why not priest paper dolls with different colored vestments to match the liturgical year? (Most of the older kids are girls and St. Peter was the first pope.) Yeah, well, apparently there is not much of an outcry for paper doll priests. I did find some here to buy but if I could do it for free, why not? So yes, I came up with my own.

Simply print off the design on cardstock. Color as desired. Vestment colors: green, purple, rose, white, red, etc. Here is a great site that explains each of the vestment colors and when each are used. Little ones may just want to do one vestment color. Once colored, cut everything out, being sure to cut closely by the shoulders so the vestment fits properly. Bend base backwards on both sides and tape to create a tube-like effect so the doll stands up on its own. For even more support (and no tape), glue doll to a thin piece of cardboard (recycle a cereal box) and fold as directed. You may also wish to cut off the bottom tags of the vestment as I have done.

As an alternative, especially with little ones, simply cut around the body and glue on a popsicle stick to make a priest puppet instead of a doll. **When we made this craft, one girl made the suggestion of using a toilet paper tube to use to stand up the doll. Great idea!

This craft would also be good for the Feast of St. John Vianney (August 8th), the patron saint of priests.


  1. Thank you for linking to your post over at Catholic Icing. I'm going to print this out and use them next year when we're studying the Mass as my son prepares for First Communion.

  2. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I tried to click on the design to print it, but I got a message that I didn't have permission (or something like that).

  4. Kansas Mom - it should work now. I'm using Google Docs and forgot to change the privacy setting. Sorry about that! Let me know if there's still a problem.

  5. Oh my goodness- I teach Kindergarten at a Catholic School and this is PERFECT! Thank you so much!

  6. I love this paper doll and would like to use it to teach about the Mass but I can't get it to print.

    1. What steps did you take?

      If you click on the image, it will not print correctly, but if you click on the link it should open a pdf image in the browser that you can then print or download (buttons up to the corner right). If you continue to have issue, I can email them to you.


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