Party Themes

Growing up, birthdays were a very quiet deal. I'm not talking about money here. Just the plain, simple acknowledgement of one's birthday was very low-key. One thing my mom did was make the dinner and dessert of one's choice.

My husband, on the other hand, had a very vocal and celebratory reaction to birthdays.

So mix the two, and what do you get? Both! The themed parties are fun for the kids. I have them help with everything (though the cake is sometimes a surprise!). I bake everything from scratch to keep it all gluten and other foods-free.

And... it's just fun.

~~ A "One" of a Kind First Birthday (snowflakes) ~~

~~ A Busytown Birthday ~~

~~ A Dora Birthday ~~

~~ A Skylander Birthday ~~

~~ An Angry Birds Birthday ~~

~~ A Bunny Cake ~~

~~ A Ballerina Rose Cake ~~

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