Lego Mania

I created this page solely because Skipper would love it if I did. He wants to share pictures of Lego creations so that others will be inspired to create their own masterpieces. This summer we are also hosting "Lego Mania" where a group of kids from the neighborhood will join us in making themed Lego creations each week. It should be fun!

Volcano with "lava"

Skipper's Lego House

Lego Mania 2011 - Week 1: Vehicles
Lego Mania 2011 - Week 2: Robots
Lego Mania 2011 - Week 3: Kids' Choice
Lego Mania 2011 - Week 4: Volcano
Lego Mania 2011 - Weeks 5&6: Food & Creepy Crawlies
Lego Mania 2011 - Week 7: Kids' Choice
Lego Mania 2011 - Week 8: Towers/Buildings (scroll down)
Lego Mania 2011 - Week 9: Airplanes (scroll down)
Lego Mania 2011 - Week 10: Final Week (kids' choice) (scroll down)
Lego Quest September 2011: Aircraft
Lego Quest October 2011: 2x2 Bricks Only

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