Saturday, November 10, 2018

Saturday Morning Reflection (31)

Where is the time going, and how does this question never grow old?

Outside My Window... Snow! We've had two days of a light dusting along with ice. It's cold, but not cold yet.


School Time... The last few weeks have felt very distracting. I'm thinking of cutting plans to bare bones + "unschooling" the rest for the holiday weeks. My oldest likes and wants structure and his workload planned out (by me, still trying to have him do more), but the next two I think would thrive in an unschooling type environment. Thinking, praying over this...



...for all the poor souls in Purgatory.

...for my MIL in the hospital and my FIL as he goes back and forth, caring for her.

...for a particular person's job situation.

...for all those suffering from autoimmune disease.

...for all those grieving as we move toward the holidays.


Health News... All fairly good on the home front. I am losing slowly on Weight Watchers - down 15 pounds over two months in (lost 11 my first month).

I think we all are feeling the lack of sun and colder weather, which leads to distraction in my household apparently as we all want to do things other than what we should do.

Yesterday I saw a dermatologist for the first time. I have linked a rash + other symptoms to my cycle, and one of my doctors thinks maybe it is tied to autoimmune disease. The derm doctor was more concerned about relieving symptoms than figuring out the why. Some AI disease flares with a woman's cycle, and there is even AI disease linked to the actual hormones that causes an allergic reaction to the body's own estrogen or progesterone! Now I wait and see I guess.


What I'm Woodburning...

I am not quite finished with this piece as I think I want to add a light "wallpaper" nautical theme background to this piece. I loved burning the details. The color was added to help bring out shapes from a distance, but personally I preferred just the woodburning. I may try this project again, using only the burn + white paint to bring out highlights and separate parts.

You can find me @Wood and Embers on Facebook and Instagram. Still thinking about opening an Etsy shop.


The Liturgical Year... I hope to work on the yearly Advent calendar in the next few days. It is something I can work on while the kids do school around me.

For the upcoming Advent season, I am praying and considering finding a small group of women (5-7) for an online Advent study. I was looking at different books and studies, but I keep coming back to simple focus on each week of Advent - love, peace, hope, joy. I have only a few short weeks to figure this out for this year, if it happens!


Today... I've already started in on the usual Saturday morning chores. I'm about to do the bills and budget - no fun! We plan on going to Mass this evening and hanging out with my BIL and his family after.

This Week... School of course (week #15). I need to plan and shop for Thanksgiving at some point, but it is a full week. Outside school, we have the usual activities plus three doctor appointments, one of which takes half the day as it is the kids' annual GI appointment. I also have a "homeschooling high school" mom's kind of night to attend and facilitate.

A Final Thought...

God bless.

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  1. I am ready for snow! We might be getting so on Tuesday. Also unschooling at least until Thankgiving is over. Too much going on between bow and then. I will be praying for your intentions!


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