Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Piece of My Day: Days 29-31

The end.

It's been fun. The last two days was killed by fatigue.

Monday was a full day of school, followed by a homeschool board meeting. I am now on my local group's board to help lead the group, which should be fine. The sunset on the way home was gorgeous, but I was too tired to take my phone out of my purse to catch a blurry picture as we drove home.

Yesterday the kids and I spent a glorious morning outside at a state park, where our homeschool group was led in different educational activities. Younger kids (4th and down) learned about Ohio wildlife while 5th and up experimented with water quality since that is one of responsibilities of this park with it being across the road from Lake Erie. It was really interesting!

Seeing how different practices affect water quality; how rainwater moves after falling.

Each kid tested a different thing. Mr. A tested phosphates, and Mr. D tested the pH. Other kids tested turbidity, oxygen, and nitrates.

We had sun, and eventually the day was the warmest it has been in awhile (57 degrees!). Miss Z is tailing the group in her bright pink coat and leopard ears.

Miss L checking out the local water birds hanging out. There was a blue heron, an egret, and a bald eagle.

Today is school, piano (which we have had NO time to practice, that's how busy we have been), and CCD, which is mostly the Vigil Mass for All Saints Day. 

Dear holy saints of God,
we join our prayers of praise
to yours this day.

With you, we sing of God's goodness,
rejoice in God's mercy,
and celebrate God's incredible love.

Teach us to live as you lived - 
always thinking of others,
always recognizing our weaknesses,
always rejoicing in God's gifts,
always closely following Jesus.

Blessed are you, happy are you,
all you holy saints of God.

Pray for us that we, too, 
may someday be among
God's Holy Ones.


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