Saturday, September 2, 2017

Saturday Morning Reflection (28): Back at It

I keep coming back to the blog. It does relax me to write up a post. It's freeing. I wonder if anyone is still reading and visiting? (Please say hi just once in the comments.)

Outside My Window... It's a light gray day outside with a nip of fall in the air. Early leaves are falling off the walnut trees, and the cat's fur is starting to thicken.


School Time... We are three weeks into a new school year - a new academic year, though somehow I feel leaps academically mid-year (i.e., from 2nd to 3rd). That's one great thing about homeschooling. You simply pick up where you left off. Grade levels aren't important (usually), mastery and understanding is.

So three weeks in with a 6/7, 5, 2/3, and K'er this year. The day is FULL. We have a good rhythm I think. It definitely helps that I have more energy and can keep on top of them!

I'll make it a goal this week to write up the kids' curriculum on here.



...for my brother and his family - in the military and always a struggle to miss home and dealing with health issues himself.

...for my grandpa, who is nearing death's door (he is not Catholic, and he's made no indication that he believes in God).

...for all the kids - mine included -, parents, and teachers as we all go back to the school grind.


Health News... That awful flu of the spring is over, over, over. It went into bronchitis. In addition, it threw me into a hashi's autoimmune flare. I also had an atypical strep infection that affected my kidneys. It was NO fun. It took me until mid-June to feel back to normal.

My kind of normal anyway. Actually, most of the summer has been really great. I have felt the best I have felt in a long, long time. That's all despite some kidney stones and issues that come with them. Bleh. Still dealing with that situation.

At the start of July, though, I paired up with my sister-in-law to try jazzercise. I love it. It's hard. I sweat. Sometimes it feels like I can't finish a song set. But I do, and I feel great - sore, tired, but a good sore and tired. I try to go 2x/week and if it's a bad day, I don't go (don't push myself). Losing weight with hashi's is a small miracle. After 2 months, I can say I have lost 3 pounds (!), but more importantly my clothes feel looser or more comfortable depending on the piece, I was sleeping better (darn hash's flare again), and I have more energy. Win-win. At $30/month, it's worth every penny. It'll be tough getting it in with fall activities beginning, but I'm not quitting.

Mr. A has been dealing with stuff between diabetes and maybe a GI issue. It's always something, but a little prayer for him would be appreciated as he just "feels weird." (his words)


Today... I am relaxing a bit as I feel a little worn this morning. I want to work on my first few weeks of CCD plans (5th grade, all about the sacraments and prayer). I may start moving our sleeping area around and odds and ends cleaning.

This Week... Another week of school (but then off for a week since we're doing 4 weeks on, 1 off), a homeschool moms' night, an orthodontist appointment for Mr. A, and piano starting for the girls. I want to clean up our "patio" area as well since I started the project but have yet to finish it. So much to do, so little time, right? #1 though, confession.

A Final Thought...

God bless.


  1. I still enjoy blogging so I can't abandon it (yet). It also makes my people who are not on Facebook happy! Keep blogging!

    1. I know, me too - the little I've been doing anyhow. I have a hard time keeping up on other blogs which I dislike. Glad I can still "visit" on facebook and the blog with you. :)


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