Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Mom's Nineveh 90

When I first heard the story of Our Lady of Fatima, I felt an instant attraction to it. Imagine my surprise when I learned she first appeared on May 13th - my birthday! It is also the day I chose for my consecration to Jesus through Mary.

With it being the 100th anniversary of Fatima, I wanted to do something special. Then, a friend posted an image and a link on her facebook page. My soul instantly said yes. My mind and body were hesitant. I mean, look at what I have to do:

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Still, I went to bed thinking about it and woke with it in my head. I knew I wanted to do something, but could I do this?

Many other ladies felt the same so I created a facebook group for these 90 days, with each woman adapting the above to better fit her vocation as wife and mother, whatever stage that is at the moment, with the idea that this is a spiritual renewal and preparation and we are to support one another.

With that in mind and the above outline, my goals are as follows:
  • Monthly Confession
  • Accountability Partner & Group (my facebook group)
  • Food... I've been weaning myself to go fully back on the AIP diet as my hashimoto's keeps swinging wildly so my goal is not to fast but simply to eat only AIP foods for 90 days (which of course limits sweets, no alcohol, no coffee, etc.). 90 days is enough to know if it's something to pursue. I can do this. I really can. I haven't figured out about the no meat part. Maybe I'll leave that for Lent (in nearly two weeks!).
  • Music - I have a playlist ready to go. I hope to find new favorites. This is easy. Unless I'm in the car with my husband.
  • TV - not on my own but I will watch a show my family watches every week and if my husband wants to spend time that way, I will not say no to him.
  • The Computer - oh, this will be hard. I guess I'll be reading more. There's plenty I want to do and need to do, but when my body doesn't cooperate... Well, let's just say I spend plenty of time on the computer or my phone. For this, I will give myself ten minutes in the morning for my facebook group and then a max of an hour at lunch while the kids eat and break from school.
  • Sleep... has been so difficult lately. I'm either not sleeping or sleeping too much. I sleep through alarms. This is so hard. So hard. But many days I am most alert in the evenings so I do a lot of work then (especially on the computer) so hopefully by reducing screen time that helps. I also have a plan to begin to relax around ten to hopefully sleep by 10:30. I know how well my day goes if I'm up before the kids, which is hardly ever lately.
  • Exercise - I am going to try getting on the treadmill every day while I do my morning prayers. I can't promise this as some days I have a lot of pain and others my heart rate is too fast, even at rest (the thyroid again). It's a vicious cycle.
  • Prayer/Reflection - 54 day rosary novena, 33 days for the consecration, morning/lunch/evening prayers with extended evening time for the adoration part.
When I write it out, it really doesn't seem too bad. Easy? No, but not impossible. I am most worried (not even the right word) about sticking to the AIP diet. I'll definitely be prepping and freezing as I go so if a string of bad days hit, I am prepared.

For full details on the original Nineveh90, go here. Join us on facebook if you'd like or in spirit.

Tell me, are you planning to do anything special for the 100th anniversary of Fatima?


  1. First of all, I LOVE your playlist!! How can I do something like that? Do you need to buy all those songs like on iTunes? Sorry I went a little crazy the other day looking for favorite songs and posted WAY too much. I'm excited, can you tell?

    I love your broken-down list! This is so exciting, all these people across the whole country sacrificing. OH, the devil doesn't have a chance! :)

    I had a thought since fasting is kind of hard for T1's that maybe I could give up computer time totally on those days, except to check emails/messages. NO SCROLLING. The world won't stop if I'm not on the computer, right?

    I think I can actually do the liquid diet thing with smoothies for supper. I've skipped lunch quite often, I just don't take any insulin. I'd have to do juice for lows I guess.

    We are totally on the same page for TV.

    Just curious here not judging in the least, not at all, just asking, what about daily Mass? is that an option for you? I know some cities do not have daily Mass, some are WAY too early...just curious. We live in a city where there are TONS of Catholic churches and tons so Mass times....7am, 7:15, 7:30, 8am, and noon. (no evenings available) AND it's still hard to get there every day, it can be done if I get up early and start my day!

    Love you Nicole! Your list is awesome!

    1. So weird, Jamie. I was by chance making sure I didn't miss any comments and saw my original comment to you wasn't here! No idea what happened but here I go again:

      Music... We pay a monthly fee for google music ($15/month) but we have access to a ton of music, much of which we can download to our phone or computer so we don't use bandwidth. Sometimes you have to pay for an album to do that. You can purchase songs and albums as well but most of what I listen to is free. Sometimes I use youtube and play a list I make or find on there. I used to not be able to do that because the screen had to be on to play. I'm sure itunes has something similar to google though.

      Fasting... I can see how it would be tough with T1. I wonder if the shake idea is better because you can add protein to it to help regulate glucose. Does skipping meals hurt your levels later on? My son is eating so much right now it's hard to figure out how much to give him as he doesn't have at least three hours between meals and snacks lately.

      Daily Mass... There's a 6:30 Mass half hour away. My church is 8:30 and a shrine about 20 minutes away is 11am. No evening masses except on Saturday. Mornings have been really rough (hoping to change that) so if we go to one, it's the 11. It's so random though. I feel like on days we go, it's less stuff done here with school and whatnot. Some of that is my energy level, so again, hopefully this AIP diet helps.

      Love you too. Glad to do this with you.

  2. This is so inspirational. You are awesome!

    1. Thanks, let's hope I can stick with it. And you're awesome yourself!


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