Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday Morning Reflection (24): THAT time of year again

I really should be cleaning or painting the last coat of paint on the next set of walls, but I'm feeling a little under the weather this morning so here I am, on the computer instead. I haven't written a Saturday post since the fall, which is a little sad, as I think these posts are nice (for me anyway).

As everyone knows, we're into Lent. Unlike last year, where illness really made our Lent, this one is starting off fairly "normal." All the kids seem to like having their Lent Lapbooks to use as a countdown and prayer resource. And, I know they like the good deeds on the back as one child came up to me and whispered, "I'm playing with '...' It's a sacrifice."

Yep. It's that time of year. My kids are no exception - nor am I. Is it harder for homeschooling moms in particular or is it just as hard for moms who send their kids away for hours each day? I'm guessing it's not easy for any of us.

Let's get going with this reflection...

School Time... Just like with kid (and mom) attitude, this is the time of year I question everything I do as a homeschooling mom teacher. This time last year I seriously considered whether I should be teaching or not. This year, it's not so bad, but I still feel as if we're missing the joy of homeschooling. Is it having four kids to teach? Is it because this is my 7th year? Or does something really need to change? I don't know. These questions go round and round. I do know NOT to do anything about them until I taste spring, start to work on portfolios for the year, and start to think of next year.

This upcoming week in school, we are studying a bit of U.S. government, reading some more American Tall Tales (hilarious book - the kids are loving it), and doing our basic kind of school week.


Outside My Window... The sun is shining brilliantly, but don't let that fool you. I think it's around 1 degree, with the wind chills making it even colder. Some light snow covers the ground, but I can still see grass poking through. My kids are missing the snow this year. (I'm not. It's been great having a milder winter!)


...for my brother and his family as they begin to prepare for another leg of their life journey.

...for a personal intention.

...for the Sacrament of Marriage and for all married couples.


Health News... I have been doing well! (Ok, other than this light cold that just keeps going round and round our house.)

I am on round #3 of the autoimmune protocol and I think this third time's a charm. I am only a few weeks in and have lost 12 pounds, have way more energy (don't need coffee), and my body just feels better than it did. I still have a long way to go, but it really is amazing the changes I've experienced eliminating inflammatory foods.

A local library has been providing free pilates classes (just a dvd), but it's been nice going. I guess I really do need to make exercise "appointments." One of my goals this month is to start a local Zumba class - I heard good things about the instructor and it's very affordable.


Today... I sure hope to feel better as I really do need to clean, paint (I hope), and go grocery shopping with the family, and out to eat with my in-laws after. Tonight I may work on my upcoming plan's for next week's CCD class (the Sacrament of Reconciliation for 5th grade if anyone has something fun to recommend. I have a big class of 24 with 1/3 that have a hard time following directions for anything, even a fun game).

This Week... Just another week of the same.

A Final Thought...

God bless.

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