Monday, January 25, 2016

Jesus... Stars will fall ART project

Stars will fall like rain at the mention of His name: Jesus.

For the month of January, the kids and I are doing a "Jesus Name Study" (more on that once we've finished in another week or so). Last week the kids and I did an art project, and we all had a lot of fun with it.

Inspired by this Pinterest image, I created something similar:

For the kids, I did something a little different. I had them pose with their arms stretched up. I then messed with the photos on the computer before printing and having the kids cut themselves out for the project.

Mr. A's:

Mr. D's:

Miss L's... My creative one! I helped with the stars, but she added everything else. I think she was inspired by the bunny pjs she was wearing. ;)

And her creativity spilled over to Miss Z's, which both she and I helped her with. Miss Z just had to draw her own "stars" though.

Supplies Needed: cardstock (thicker paper), thin sharpie, picture of child (optional, can draw a person as I did above), watercolors (or other choice of medium)

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