Thursday, January 7, 2016

Feast of the Epiphany

Though we celebrated Epiphany in church on Sunday, at home we celebrate on the Traditional feast day of the 6th. It is a culmination of our 12 Days of Christmas. I always plan for extra fun during those days but they never seem to materialize. It's probably a good thing. We still spend time together, relaxing, having fun, with a few parties here and there.

The kids receive a group present to represent the gifts of the three kings. This year it was quarters (gold), scent markers (frankincense), and bubble bath (myrrh).

They also had fun drawing the kings (Miss Z did the star with "snow and humans" on it). Directions to draw the kings.

And took it upon themselves to fix up the Jesse tree...

Set the table... 

I made the "King's Cake" using this gluten-free, allergen-free recipe. It is our absolute favorite cake. My oldest has already requested it as his birthday cake. (We only make this cake for Christ the King and for Epiphany.) 

I was a good girl and didn't partake in the eating - only in the selecting for the bean - as I have started the autoimmune protocol diet. I have started/stopped this diet twice since September but due to external circumstances could not see it through. Third time's a charm, right? (I have had near immediate response so the motivation is definitely there to keep at this.)

The kids also put the Little People Nativity up on our cabinet where our Christmas candles and 12 Days of Christmas ornaments are.

Candles up close. The kids used double sticky tape and glitter. For the Christ candle, I also used glue and glitter to spell out "Christ."

Close-up of our 12 Days... I love how these turned out! I found images I liked, made them 3x3 in Word, glued them onto a cereal box, backed with black cardstock with a raffia loop glued between layers, and to hide the edges, I used glue and glitter.

The kids had fun unwrapping the gifts. Of course. :)

And once again, Mr. D chose the cake piece with the bean in it. He has won every year since we started this tradition!

I hope all of you have had a blessed Christmas season and prayers for a fruitful New Year!

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