Monday, November 9, 2015

Miss Z's Letter "E"

And onwards with letter E!

Day 1: Trace letter with finger, building using Handwriting without Tears wooden pieces, glue on similar shapes cut out of construction paper.

Day 2: Letter collage using stickers of objects that start with the letter E (we have a huge box of stickers - use what you have).

Day 3: Letter hunting and matching feeding Mama Elephant "E" and Baby Elephant "e." (Here's my document.) 

Day 4: Letter art! E is for "E"aster "E"gg. Miss Z drew designs on her egg and then painted with watercolors over it. Once dry, I cut it out and put it on construction paper.


To round Miss Z's "school" we worked out of the Who am I? Image of God series (workbook A). I do use the teacher's manual with this (for once!). With each new letter, she colors and makes an ABC saint toilet paper person. 

She also used her binder of protector sheet worksheets. I made up new sheets for the month using letters E thru H. I also have her play on

Soon... letter F!

(See the preschool page for more ABC fun.)

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