Sunday, November 8, 2015

Miss Z's Letter "D"

Miss Z finished letter F this past week, and I find this is the perfect mix of spending "school time" with my little one and minimum of prep for me. By taking a bit of time each month to gather together four weeks of letters and keeping to a similar notebook format, it is a simple thing to get going with Miss Z each morning.

Now, if only my blogging was more up-to-date!

Day 1: I drew the letter on the page. Miss Z traced it with her finger and wrote over it with a pen (her choice).

Day 2: Letter collage using stickers of objects that start with the letter D (we have a huge box of stickers - use what you have). Miss Z loves this activity.

Day 3: Letter hunting and matching using this printable. I felt a lack of creativity for this letter, so I she simply picked the "Dd"s among the other letters.

Day 4: Letter art! D is for "d"ino. I like to give Miss Z a few ideas for the letter, and this is what she picked. One day she painted on a paper plate. The next, I helped her cut out dino shapes which we glued on together and then she felt the need to add to her dino with marker.


To round Miss Z's "school" we worked out of the Who am I? Image of God series (workbook A). I do use the teacher's manual with this (for once!). With each new letter, she colors and makes an ABC saint toilet paper person. The letter D saint was St. Denis. She did not like him missing his head so she drew one on for him.

She also used her binder of protector sheet worksheets. A recent favorite are these letter mazes. I also have her play on

I will try hard to finish up blogging letters E and F since this week we move on to letter G.

(See the preschool page for more ABC fun.)

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