Friday, October 9, 2015

Miss Z's Letter "B"

Making this ABC book with Miss Z is fun so far (and quick and easy!).

Day 1: Trace letter with finger, build letter using Handwriting without Tears wooden pieces, and trace over with watercolors.

Day 2: Letter collage using stickers of objects that start with the letter B (we have a huge box of stickers - use what you have).

Day 3: Letter hunting and matching using "b"uckets. I had paper "b"alls that she had to put into the buckets (simply glue all edges of the bucket except for the top - once dry, slip the balls in). She colored it a little, but used a light crayon. Miss Z really liked this one! Here is the printable.

Day 4: Letter art! I just love the "5 Senses Bear." I have done it with my other children. Pre-cut bear shapes out of brown paper (head, two paws, two ears). Go over the 5 senses - sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Then, have child glue each part on - with your help if needed and desired. For each sense, add something special. Miss Z's bear had dangling (noisy) "earrings," google eyes, drop of essential oil on the nose that dried and she can still smell it, piece of gum for a tongue, and on his hands something soft (a feather) and something rough (thick salt).


To round Miss Z's "school" we worked out of the Who am I? Image of God series (workbook A). I do use the teacher's manual with this (for once!). With each new letter, she colors and makes an ABC saint toilet paper person.

She also used her binder of protector sheet worksheets. One favorite was a number recognition game where we drew cards (numbers 1-6) from a deck and marked off a number, taking turns and using different color dry erase markers. At the end, we counted up who had the most marks (it was a tie). It was fun! (Here's the link - she used dice. Plus, I would make a slightly smaller board so it doesn't take too long.)

Next week... letter C!

(See the preschool page for more ABC fun.)

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