Monday, October 5, 2015

Miss Z's Letter "A"

Miss Z has done a handful of letter and book activities, but now it's time to make her ABC keepsake book. I made it the spine of her "school." I find if I take a little time in the morning to work with her, she is much happier to go off playing while I deal with older siblings.

The plan? Use a notebook like this:

And fill it with letter work (4 pages of letters - one activity a day while remembering or learning the sound):

Day 1: Trace letter with finger, building using Handwriting without Tears wooden pieces, glue on similar shapes cut out of construction paper.

Day 2: Letter collage using stickers of objects that start with the letter A (use what you have to keep it simple and cheap).

Day 3: Letter hunting and matching. Since Miss Z is good at recognizing capitals already, I decided to separate big and little letters. Here, she pasted on apples to match "A's" to "A's" and "a's" to "a's." Here is the printable.

Day 4: Letter art! This is Miss Z's angel from our day out with local homeschooling Catholics.


To round Miss Z's "school" we worked out of the Who am I? Image of God series (workbook A). I do use the teacher's manual with this (for once!). With each new letter, she also colors and makes an ABC saint toilet paper person.

I also printed off pages to fill page protector sheets so she can use a dry erase marker and do more if she desires. I put it all in a binder and plan on renewing the pages each month. This is a good space for pre-writing skills, math worksheets, writing/letter practice, name practice, blank drawing space, and anything seasonal or liturgical. She likes it.

I really could do so much more, but this is just perfect for a child who is dying to learn and a mom who is busy with older ones in the homeschool.

(See the preschool page for more ABC fun.)

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