Friday, July 10, 2015

Book Sale!

I missed the blog sale hop at Shower of Roses in June, but I still wanted to clean off my shelves and offer it up here for anyone to buy if interested. I had quite a pile from two large shelves, and I still need to purge a bit more on the religion shelf and kid book shelf. This is what I have for now. I plan to keep it open and linked at the top as a page.

Payment will be in the form of PayPal, and to help cover PayPal's fees, as well as shipping, I will offer a flat rate add-on fee of $4 for 1-3 items, $8 for 4-6 items, and $10 for 7+ items. I will ship items at the latest the Saturday after your payment is made.

Memoria Press New American Cursive: Workbook 3 (I have two copies, NEW) -- $16 each

Handwriting without Tears teacher manuals, pre-k and 1st grade, like new -- $7 each

Spanish book of songs, no cd, used -- FREE + $1 shipping (if not included with other book purchase).

(Sorry for the sidewise picture -- my computer won't fix it!) Prima Latina, $50 for the set which includes teacher manual, instructional dvd, annunciation cd, copybook (has pencil writing in first few pages). Just need to add the student book to have a full curriculum.

Need homeschool inspiration? FREE plus $2 for shipping (if not included with other book purchase).

Columbus, Ohio Catholic Women's Conference audio cds from 2012. Talks from Leah Darrow, Gloria Anson, Yvonne Florczak-Seeman, and Jenn Giroux. Very inspirational. $10 for set.

Little Saints preschool program - includes teacher manual (I wrote notes in it; otherwise, great shape), patterns, and a folder of a few items that are easily shippable. $35.

Catholic Heritage Curricula: Building Good Character cards (missing 2 pages of charater traits, otherwise like new) -- $9

Preschool/K lesson plans (written in, but gives a good idea, older edition, bought in 2010) -- $10.

Faith and Life Series Family Guide Volume 1 (Grades 1-4) -- NEW, $12

Memoria Press First Start Reading -- includes teacher manual and books B-D, excellent to NEW condition (will need book A to make a complete set), $28.

...SALE PENDING... Catholic Heritage Reading Comprehension Vintage Tales, like new -- $10.

NEW -- $7.

Math-U-See Gamma, teacher manual and instructional dvd, excellent condition -- $35 for set.

...SOLD... Teaching Textbooks Math 3, 4 cd-rom set, excellent condition (used < 1 year) -- $55. Add the answer booklet, excellent condition, and used student text (88 of 118 lessons have some kind of marking from a few problems to the entire lesson filled in) -- $5 for shipping.

MCP Mathematics teacher manuals, like new, Level A and Level B -- $25 each.

Family Math, NEW -- $10
Right Start Mathematics Math Card Games, NEW -- $10.

Singapore Challenging Word Problems, some writing (first lessons) -- $4 each

Excellent condition, $8 each.

Proper Manners and Health Habits, grade 2, excellent condition -- $7.

...SOLD... Science 2 for Little Folks, excellent condition -- $7. 

Good to well-used, prices as follows: 

Fun with Nature guide -- $5
Insects -- $1
Birds -- $1.

Usborne 50 Science... -- $4
Other flashcards -- $2 each.

Crystal book -- $2, Shark book -- $2.

$2 each (spiders, bats, fish).

$2 each (birds of prey, reptiles, snakes).

Mysterious Places -- $4
Celebrating 2000 Years of Christian History through art (NEW) -- $5.

$1 each, all new.

Excellent condition -- $8 each.

Catholic Heritage Tour a Country (NEW but out of wrapping) -- $20
Uncle Josh's Outline Map Collection CD-ROM, like new -- $12

Missing two flags (though you can see the gray-scale map on the page and the color version at the end of the book) and my kids have started ripping off the plastic holder at the top (still present but needs fixed) -- $5.

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  1. They are all lovely books and the prices are very good. I hope you are able to sell many, or all of them! You have a very nice blog. God bless you. :)


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