Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Let's Catch Up, Shall We?

Why, hello there!

I have had a nice, long break from the computer, with minimal social media as well, and I really enjoyed it. But, today is a rainy, gloomy day, and I felt the need to update my blog, and start back up again, even if it's a post here and there.

First, the gloom of this post has lifted, thankfully. Days of sunshine helped immensely (you were right, Ana Maria!), and lots of prayers in thinking about our homeschool. While I may wish to have a different vision, those checklists work really well with my boys, and if it works well, why in the world would I want to change that? More on our homeschool in a future post...

Next, my sweet Mr. D celebrated his First Holy Communion this past Sunday! He was scared and excited, so darn cute in his suit (which he picked out - I don't force the suit), and can't wait for this next Sunday's Mass.

Mr. D's banner he made for CCD.

Just like his brother, Mr. D created a First Holy Communion notebook throughout the year, which I plan to share in a future post as well. We changed a few things. I think he did a great job on it too!


I have slowly redone our morning "circle" / prayer time, and it is working well. For the Easter season, we are focusing on the Sunday Gospel readings and the Fatima message. More on this one right after this post is up.


In our homeschool history, we started U.S. history and geography, which is very exciting. European history peaked with Medieval Times and slowly lost its appeal (winter may have influenced this, as it does everything else).

We're wrapping up our bird study, which I have personally really enjoyed, and I think the kids did too. I wanted to do more hands-on in the field, but you know, life and health like to interfere with fun.

The rest of school is same old, same old, and the kids are working to wrap it up this month so we can have a nice month-long break in June. Except for today. It's an artsy day, a creative day, a play-in-the-rain kind of day.


Healthwise for me... it's pretty much stable - some days great, some bad, most somewhere in between. Hormones exacerbate symptoms so I am in limbo on what to do. Not just any doctor will do when dealing with endometriosis ("woman's issues"). Otherwise, the warmer weather (the sun!!!) helps immensely. I'm starting to wonder if I should leave the gray skies of Ohio, or at least skip out for a few months of the year. My parents are moving south and my brother is south so this is a real possibility. And it's not only for me. One particular child continues to have issues with vitamin deficiencies and oddball health issues. Warmer weather always seems to help.


I continue to reflect on Elisabeth Leseur's journal. One can tend to feel isolated, physically and spiritually, when dealing with chronic illness/pain or surrounded by people of little to no faith. The truth is, we all walk a path of isolation of some sort, at some point. In what other way are we to follow the path of Christ to the Cross?

Aside from her journal, one part of the book above has monthly "retreats." I haven't read that part until now. The first month is "silence" - speaking only when necessary, speaking only kind and uplifting words, and answering questions straightforward and without complaint. This is perfect for what's been on my mind recently.

And with that, one finally thought...

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