Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Quick Hello!

I have been very quiet. Have you noticed?

Let's catch up quickly, shall we?
  • Lent is starting (see all my past resources). I plan on keeping it very simple this year. Prayer, reading the Bible, learning a song, and following this chart.
  • My five year old goes for surgery on Tuesday to get her tonsils out so that will be a *wonderful* start to the Lenten season, no? Please say a prayer for her if you could. Thank you so much.
  • January and February have been cold and snowy so I am eager for spring. The temperature is in the negatives today. I missed Mass as the roads are still terrible and my husband hasn't cleared the drive. Plus, the kids all have a light cold. As Mr. D says, "I feel sad to miss Mass." Me too, kid.
  • My grandparents' just held their 24th woodcarving show which I helped with as usual. Sometimes, I wish I had more time to create (woodburning, drawing, painting, whatnot) but I have so very few years with my entire family. I want to focus on them.
  • In fact, I need to focus more on them. I find myself detaching. Is that normal? Is that healthy? I have no idea. Something occurred recently that made me wonder if I am as "healed" of my past as I thought I was (we're talking about growing up under the umbrella of alcoholism here).
  • Anyhow, aside from regular life to-dos and homeschooling, I am refocusing on health. I started a personal blog a few years ago that I decided to make public. There are so many stories out there, but if I can help just one person on their physical or spiritual path to well-being, then I will be so glad. It is a raw blog, no sugar coating, but also full of inspiration that speak to me. If you are interested, check it out at Daily Footsteps (or check out my most recent blog renewal post or my endometriosis plan of action).
I may find myself continuing to be quiet on this blog for awhile. Truth is, at the moment, I feel I need to continue the break for awhile, maybe forever.

I'm dreaming of spring... (image source)

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