Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: trick-or-treat and more

This week has been so busy! Yet, I hope I am never too busy to give thanks to God.

Before I do, say a little prayer for this sweet kitty? I know it's a small, silly thing, but it's big to Mr. A (and the other kids) and my mom. Gigi was outside playing with her sister, Mimi. When my mom went to bring them in, Gigi was missing! These two kittens are never apart. Mimi is very sad, searching for her every time she goes outside, and she won't let my mom out of sight.

It's been two days now, and it doesn't look good. But miracles happen every day.

I am THANKFUL trick-or-treating is over, and that the costumes were made in time. I am THANKFUL the yellow pants came on time!!! It was definitely a close call.

And I love how Mr. D's tails turned out. So cute!

I am THANKFUL we weren't as cold as I thought we would be. After all, it kept spitting snow off and on all day. I had the kids out of coats for pictures but we definitely bundled up.

I am THANKFUL for celebrations with family.

And for cousin loving. (Mr. A is very good with little kids. His cousins love him.)

I love all their poses.

I am THANKFUL that our cat is doing well. He's been pretty stressed between a stray cat showing up, the kittens visiting, and the dog moving in for a few days. 

And yes, my cat (his name is Sirius) is a bit of a fancy cat at times. He will not drink from anything other than a cup so I have to give him his own cup so he leaves ours alone. Crazy cat.

I am THANKFUL for sleeping little ones.

I am THANKFUL that LiveFitMama seems to work well for me. I am on week 4 and keeping with it! (Review next week.) Miss L likes to join in on the exercises - sometimes doing the moves but mostly being my timer and checking off each set.

I am THANKFUL for this eager learner. This month, we are reading Goodnight Moon, and doing related activities as well as learning about saints and how we can be good helpers. Here she is hanging mittens to dry by the "fire." The older kids want to do her activities more than their own.

And oh my goodness, she is just growing too fast. All of them are. I am THANKFUL for these gifts from God.

And for pudding faces. :)

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