Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday Morning Reflections (22): accomplishment

Yes, I did it. I blogged for 31 days after deciding on a whim when Ana Maria mentioned the challenge on Facebook. And you know what? I'm glad I did it! 

I do plan to blog more, especially the "themed" days like Thankful Thursday or Saturday Morning Reflections, to help keep me more regular around blogland.

Blogging every day did take a big chunk of time most mornings so having a bit more free time will be nice to catch up on other blogs as well as some school and liturgical planning. (It's November!!! Advent is soon!)

So this week...

School Time... We are all getting back on track. We have to if we want to finish quarter two in time for Christmas break. The kids moaned a bit (I did a little inside too), but the week turned out fairly well. Miss Z was left hanging a bit as I played catchup with the other three. Thankfully, she was ok with just playing and doing her workbook for "school." Really, she just colors in things, scribbles ("writes") and draws lines from one thing to another. Just so you all know, I am a homeschooling mom who believes later is better. Miss Z is undoing all that.

This week is more of the same, but we have our fun co-op on Friday. I am a little stumped for what to do with my chemistry class. We had an epic slime fail last time, but the kids still had fun. I was thinking of making these glow in the dark bouncy balls. What do you think?


Outside My Window... It is cold and dark. The wind is blowing, most of the leaves are down, and it was even spitting snow/rain through the night. I am glad to be snuggled inside with slippers and a glowing computer screen. ;)


...for a personal intention -- to have peace about something I cannot control.

...for a husband and father who is very sick (and peace and comfort for his wife and children).

...for all those unnamed souls in Purgatory.


Health News... It is all good this week! Ok, a little tougher breathing on some days, thank you people burning stuff in the fall, but really, a good week. For once, I surpassed my exercise goals for LiveFitMama. I am very excited about that. I love that the exercise is 20-30 minutes of intensity and then I am done. I will definitely post a review on this experience after next week.

My November goal for only three weeks is to eat very cleanly (Paleoish), no sugar or obvious high-carb foods (though I am eating some squash and sweet potato occasionally). It is going to be tough but...


Today... Is trick-or-treating for the kids. It is going to be COLD. Ah well. Maybe that means it won't last as long. I have some last minute costume work first though. I am also prepping some meals for this month. My worst days eating are those where "I don't feel like cooking." Yep, still working on that discipline but I do find it tied closely in with how I am feeling physically (I can get very antsy days before a bad migraine or feel extremely "blahish" due to hormones or even for days of more pain where it's hard to motivate myself in the kitchen.) So hopefully it will help.

This Week... Really, just more of the same old, same old. There is election day and homeschool co-op. And of course All Saints today and All Souls tomorrow. I am so bummed about having no All Saints Mass. It is one of my favorite Masses of the year. We'll listen and pray along with Litany of the Saints at the very least. I have a few games we can pull out, but I will see how the day goes. Tomorrow, I do plan on stopping at the cemetery after Mass with the kids to pray.

A Final Thought...

It's all about the baby steps forward.

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