Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review: Live Fit Mama

A little over a month ago I stepped on the scale... and that was it. I needed to do something. I needed a change. I was feeling yucky and flabby with no energy.

Within days, a Facebook post came across my timeline. Another mom had participated in a Live Fit Mama challenge and wanted to share her love of the program.

I checked out the website, and decided to take a risk and try it (it started the next day!). It was only 30 days, cost $20, and included "live" help and accountability.

And you know what? It was a success.

You know this is pretty embarrassing for me to post up, but it's real results. Not amazing results, but real ones. I was mostly consistent with the exercises, drank water, and started to mess with my diet toward the end. Considering that I was doing NOTHING before, I am happy to feel firmer and more energetic now.

Really, my #1 goal was exercise consistency. I had no expectations of losing weight, and truthfully, I didn't. However, I did lose an inch and a half in my waist and an inch in my hips and a bit in my thighs! More importantly, I feel stronger, and excepting a few days at the beginning of the challenge, I have done all the exercises. I am happy with the results and look forward to doing another challenge, which will take place after the holidays.

Until then, I will continue with exercising, adjusting my diet, and remembering this thought:

The first month you feel the difference. The second month you see the difference. The third month others see the difference.

And I did figure out a few things... my best exercise time is NOT first thing in the morning but during our mid-morning school break. My afternoon slumps are nearly gone (on a "normal" tired day)!

...water, water, water! This is so important to me in keeping appetite at bay and keeping up energy. I like water and I found it hard on really busy days to drink enough. I struggled with a daily goal so this last week I decided to have a weekly goal and it made a huge difference. Drinking from a bigger cup with a straw helped as well.

...I had to take a rest on a few days, but on other days where I felt kind of headachy and somewhat tired on waking, I found that the exercise banished the would-be headache and energized me. (On those few days where I was really wiped out, I rested or if I attempted exercise, it was slower and while it made me feel a bit better, it wasn't as amazing a cure-all as the other days.)

...I feel really good a month out, and am excited to keep doing it. That alone says it all.

Ok, so how does Live Fit Mama work anyway?

After signing up, you take before pictures and measurements. Then, once a week an email is sent to you with five days' worth of exercises. You submit three goals for the week and plan for the week. My goals had to do with exercise, water intake, and diet. Through the week you do the exercises and post to the Facebook group once you are done each day. You can also post to help with motivation or other questions.

On the weekend, extra "power plays" are sent to you as an optional bonus exercise. At the end of the week, you submit your goal results (i.e., my goal was to exercise 5 times = I exercised 6 times!!!). Each week a winner is chosen to receive a prize based on effort and weekly goals met.

You repeat this for four weeks. At the end of the challenge you submit your review (if desired) and monthly results (before/after pics if desired or changes in measurement or weight or whatever else you care to share).

So, here are my pros and cons of Live Fit Mama:

  • The exercises are usually around 22 minutes (sometimes a little more).
  • Accountability -- I posted daily in the Facebook group when I had finished my workout (or didn't, as a few days attested to).
  • $20/month is cheap.
  • The exercises themselves were simple to do -- challenging, yes, but all you needed was your body and occasionally small hand weights. I went a little easier on the squats to ease my knees into it. Thankfully, there were very few lunges, which my knees hate.
  • I liked the strength/cardio blend of the exercises.
  • The others in my group were mostly moms (some homeschoolers) like myself -- busy with life, kids, school, and everyday tasks.
  • The ladies who run it are real moms with multiple kids. They get it.
  • If you're pregnant, you can still do it. They have an exercise regime for pregnant ladies. 
  • Communication is still being worked out, I think. The program is run by moms and naturally everyone runs into a snag now and then. No big deal for me but something to be aware of.
  • Another communication note -- some messages were sent through email and some through Facebook. Again, not much of an issue, but when only one post can be pinned, I had a hard time finding certain exercises. I would have liked to have seen that all in one email to keep it accessible or on a "secret" page through the website to access easily.
  • The exercise videos... I followed well enough, but after some moves there wasn't much time to get into place for the next move (due to rough editing of the clip). Also, it seemed as if the count was off sometimes. Again, it was a basic amateur clip so I was ok with it, but considering it was filmed a year or two ago, I think that this could be redone.
Overall, a really good experience!


  1. Awesome! I dreaded taking before and after pictures but wished now that I have. Keep posting updates. Now you got me thinking about doing a review of Body Beast. Good job mama!

    1. Thanks, Ana Maria. I hate the before/after pictures too (can't you tell?) but you can see a change and that is good! And... I like real reviews so a review from you would be great.

  2. Praise God on your recent accomplishments. May you continue to glorify Him with a healthy body. ad Jesum per Mariam


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