Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wasting Your Life

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The other day I stumbled across a video on YouTube showing Archbishop Fulton Sheen. I was actually searching for a video on Mary for my CCD class. Instead this video popped out at me with the title, "Wasting Your Life."

In it, he says, "Waste yourself." What a strange phrase. 

Naturally, my mind turned to all the various ways we can waste ourselves. Then I watched the video. And that was far from this man's message.

Waste yourself. Waste yourself on others. Use all your energy for others, and then ask for more, and keep on going.

I think some people simply are more energetic than others while other people struggle with health issues. Still, I think there is a balance to be had. I think if one has physical restraints, certainly they can use all their mental energy in looking towards God and living a life of prayer. Though, it is definitely a discipline to turn one's mind so in the midst of pain and suffering. We are all called to give to the best of our ability, mentally and physically.

For me, as we are into our first week of our second quarter of homeschooling this year, this truth hit me hard. Last week I didn't "feel good," felt blahish really, and everyone was crabby. This week, we all have a schedule, a goal, and my day is much busier than before (in a good way). Yet, I have found more time and more energy to spare for my family and for prayer. I always feel amazed by this.

The morning after I watched the video, I came across this passage in A Mother's Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot:
"I understood that Jesus is perfectly willing to bless my efforts, but first he had to have efforts to bless. I had to do all in my power to fulfill my obligations. I had to give a full five loaves and two fish - not three loaves, not two loaves. I had to apply all of me  to the task and mission I was called to be and do, not haphazardly, but fully, methodically, completely. Jesus was asking for the dedication of my entire self to my vocation." 
Isn't this an interesting thought?

(Archbishop Fulton Sheen's Waste Yourself videos are in three parts. See them here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 -- each are about ten minutes long.)


  1. I believe he was also the one that said "do not waste your suffering on yourself". I'll have to take the time to watch these videos. We sometimes catch him on EWTN and my kids are enthralled by him.

    1. That sounds like something he said in the clip. As I watched this, I thought Austin at least should watch this too. He certainly draws you in as he speaks. Some people are so gifted.


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