Monday, October 27, 2014

Walking with Purpose - the book

I nearly forgot to blog today. Only five days left of this 31 day blogging challenge!

I will keep it short. A friend gave me this book:

And it is good. And I am only eight pages into the book. It's good. I was hooked with the introduction when the author recounted her experience of adopting a standard poodle puppy into the family not realizing that this dog can grow to be quite large. That story was quickly followed by her accidentally using super glue in place of ear drops for her daughter (ouch!). Lisa is a real mom in today's crazy world wanting to help others prioritize their days.

What does God want in our lives?

What motivates us? Ultimately it should be love for God. However, on a deeper level, are we able to 100% say yes, it is God motivating us or is it due to pride, sensuality, or opinion of others?

How can we know ourselves well enough to work toward our ultimate goal: heaven?

We can fill our lives with so much activity - or not - but is it the right activity? Is it the right motivation? So often we feel that there is never enough time in a day. The truth is, there isn't. There is never enough time to do all that I can do as a wife, a mom, a daughter, a friend, and a daughter of God. But remember, God always gives us enough time (and energy) if we are doing what He needs us to do.

God bless.

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