Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Fall is Here!

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Giving thanks is a daily prayer. It's the finding of thanks in all things, big and little, that point to our awesome God and creator.

I am THANKFUL for gorgeous fall days, and leaves all around.

One of the animal shelters we visited had signs all around stating that no adoptions of black cats would take place during October. Apparently people use them as costume accessories or something much, much worse. What a crazy world we live in. I am THANKFUL for my Catholic faith in a world such as ours.

I am THANKFUL that I finally learned the name of this plant: sedum. I love it!

So do these garden spiders. They are so neat to watch. They sit in their big webs, right in the center. If disturbed, they fall right down into the plants below.

I am THANKFUL for silly boys and happy children. The wind was blowing strongly on this day. The kids loved it.

I am THANKFUL that only a few branches fell down as it looked as if these giants were going to blow right over!

The last few days were warmer than it has been, but that doesn't stop me from cozying up to some good books. My latest reads are from the kids' section. I am forever and always THANKFUL for the joy of reading.

Set in Roman times during Jesus' life, Daniel, a young Jewish man, confronts his past and must make the decision to choose love over revenge. I enjoyed it. Slight violence and bare hints at boy/girl relationship.

This short book had me turning pages. Thirteen year old Samuel never knew anything but his Frontier Pennsylvania home in the woods. Then the Revolutionary War came to his family and those around him. His parents captive by the British, Samuel follows in hopes of rescuing them. After every chapter author Gary Paulsen shares tidbits of history that tie in with the story. I liked this book, but there is a lot of violence (i.e., Iroquois attack on his family, Hessian attack on another family).

And, here's a classic. Mr. D especially loves this story, and this book had nice illustrations.

I am THANKFUL for sleeping *babies* and sweet smiles that precede "I love you, Mommy."

I am THANKFUL for warm drinks and my Michele Quigley calendar.

I am THANKFUL for reintroducing the token system. It works beautifully in our home. Even Miss Z gets it. How does it work? I have the master token bucket and each kid has their own small bucket. Then, each can earn tokens. I split the day in half so each can earn one token by doing first chores and half of school. Then again, the same in the afternoon. Extra chores not on the regular routine can be paid in tokens. When it is time to pick-up at the end of the day, those who do not help forfeit their coins to those who do pick up. I find this system very self-motivating. We don't have too much on our "reward" list yet, but so far the kids have traded a token in for a piece of gum and for a half-hour educational show.

I am THANKFUL for boys eager to do school. Part of it is the tokens above. Part is having them choose which subject to do first (they split their tasks in two chunks).

I am THANKFUL for eager girls wanting to learn. So very eager. I have to keep on my toes with those two.

I am THANKFUL for easy fall crafts. Glue brown tree trunk shape on paper. Use fall colored paint to dot on leaves using wine corks. Easy peasy and kept the girls busy.

I am THANKFUL for simple games like Cat and Mouse that we found in our Catholic Treasure Box books. (I love these books!) We used tokens as our "food." One person is the mouse and they leave the room while the other players decide which piece of food (out of ten pieces) is the "cat." Once decided, the "mouse" comes back and takes the food, one by one. If they grab the "cat," then everyone says, "Meow!" and the mouse keeps his tokens that he earned. Play continues with each player being the mouse. At the end, whoever has the most tokens, wins the game.

I am THANKFUL for exercising and being able to move my body. I'm on day 3 of a 30 day challenge through LiveFitMama. Perhaps a review of that when the 30 days are up?

Lastly, I am THANKFUL for cute moments like these:


  1. Nicole, such a cozy post to greet me this morning!
    Your autumn pictures are beautiful!
    I too love these beautiful days and am spending as much time outside with the kids as I can!!!
    And reading?! My fave!
    Have a cozy day with that sweet family!


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