Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Morning Reflections (21): plans gone awry

This week was NOT what I planned.

Is it ever?

In the thick of it, I am usually so frustrated with change, because apparently I like to control life. It is an ongoing lesson of letting go, regrouping, staying thankful, and breathing.

So this week was not what I planned, but in the end, it was quite a good week overall.

School Time... We started the week off well. Wednesday morning the kids and I went to see Hansel and Gretel at a local theatre. Except that it wasn't Hansel and Gretel, at least not the story I knew. The only similar thing was a brother and sister named Hansel and Gretel who, in the end, pushed the witch in the fire. Everything else was changed, the attitudes were changed, and I did not like it. At all.

After the play, if we had gone home for lunch and school work, the rest of the week might have followed. But we didn't. We went to the craft store instead. Ooh la la. I was spacey after that. And yucky stuff - like a migraine, happened.

The beauty of it was, the kids played so well together, coming up with new games, reading, and drawing lots of pictures. We ended up helping my mom paint her carved flowers, I wood burned some little pine cones for her, we played with kittens, shot bow and arrows, played outside (and lost arrows), and had fun together.

So we will just roll one week over two weeks and try to fit in extra work here and there to catch up. I love homeschooling.


Outside My Window... It's cloudy but light so the sun has risen. The days are supposed to "warm" up for a few days: an Indian summer. That will be nice. And also make it difficult to concentrate on work.


...for my family, to get over this little cold and for my migraines to ease up (I can feel another coming on as I type this).

...for Fatima, that she finds answers - and relief - from her doctor.

...for my mom who is a *little* stressed.


Health News... That small cold of last Saturday is still hanging around. I think I am finally catching it. As far as exercising and LiveFitMama, this week has not been good. I started off great and even planned on extra walks this weekend. But no... more plans gone awry. Before, I would have thrown an internal fit, but nope, not this time. I am recognizing that I am not super woman. My body needs rest sometimes. I will start back up tomorrow if I can. If not, a new week on Monday begins.

Today... I am heading off here for some head medicine. I will rest if need be, but between resting my house is in desperate need of cleaning.

This Week... Those darn plans again... I do hope to start sewing these cute kitchen towels, finish up the kids' Halloween costumes (did I say finish? I mean start them...), and we have a trip planned to visit a Great Lakes Museum that just opened last spring.

A Final Thought...

"Many are the plans of the human heart, but it is the decision of the Lord that endures." -Proverbs 19:21

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  1. Hope your family is on the mend soon...
    We are passing a cold around here as well.
    And expecting the Indian summer weather too. : )
    Have a cozy, blessed weekend. : )


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