Monday, October 13, 2014

Are You Open?

I am struggling with a particular problem at the moment, one much too personal to share in the space that is the Internet. I took the problem to Confession not too long ago. The priest, God bless him, said, "But are YOU open to God's will?"

I think this is a question that needs to be frequently thought of and asked -- purposefully thought of and reflected upon. For me, it is so difficult because I feel that I am balancing God's will (hopefully) and the desires of others who do not believe in God.

Yesterday, I came across this lovely article on discerning God's will. Take a look.

For now, love God and press on.

"If you follow the will of God, you know that in spite of all the terrible things that happen to you, you will never lose a final refuge. You know that the foundation of the world is love, so that even when no human being can or will help you, you may go on, trusting in the One that loves you." --Pope Benedict XVI

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  1. Much to ponder about that question. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nicole, so much of this blog post applies to me. Thanks for posting this.

  3. You both are welcome. Elisa, nice to see you again!


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