Friday, August 29, 2014

Thankful Thursday: A Quiet Week, Sort Of

I am not sure quiet is the right word for this past week. Much of the week followed our normal rhythm, work was done, we ate and slept and played. I am thankful for routine and the normality of our days.

We did have two more "exciting" moments when first my father-in-law spent some time in the E.R. (doing better now) followed by my father taking a trip (at home, but still in the midst of what's going on). I am thankful that thus far both are doing ok.

We started our last insect study and are knee-deep in butterflies around here. I'm so thankful for the burst of kid excitement.

And for pie - so thankful! Yes, such a silly thing, but you know, since my boys went gluten-free pies are a rarity for us. I make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and at the start of summer I made my first key-lime pie. We also had a disaster of a silk pie for Miss L's birthday, but let's not count that. So here it is, the end of summer, and I made a blueberry pie. It was delicious! Needless to say, the pie was gone in less than a day. Mr. A was especially bummed.

I'm thankful for surprise visitors nearly every time we go out of the house. The other day we found a katydid nymph in the driveway. It was as big as my palm. Very cool. 

We are wrapping up our 8th week of our first quarter for the 2014-15 school year, and I am looking forward to a bit of a break as we start into our fall, extracurricular schedule. I have loved our free summer nights. No more, no more.

I am thankful for a pretty smooth quarter thus far. We've had a few hiccups, but in general this year is off to a great start. 

I am thankful for eager young learners. A few short years ago, I dreaded teaching Mr. D. I never would have imagined him so eager, so willing, so fast to catch onto facts and ideas. And Miss L is ever eager to learn, along with little sis tagging along, doing her version of "school." (She grabs a coloring book and draws and "writes.") Each child is so unique.

This past week the boys have struggled a bit with sleeping, mostly Mr. A. One night when Mr. A actually fell asleep at a decent time, Mr. Dr did not. He crept into my room, and proceeded to do math problems. He's been a little upset about doing subtraction after doing addition for so long. However, it took him less than a day to catch on to using addition to solve subtraction so it is going much smoother. 

So, this particular night, for fun, we filled pages with circles of number families and he would write out the different combinations. I showed him a number line while learning about infinity and negative numbers and negative infinity (he was interested and giving me big subtraction problems). He wanted to write the biggest number he could on a page, but then we couldn't figure what the number actually was. Hey, I only go to quadrillions (would the next be pentagillions???). It really is such a nice relief after math struggles with another child. I am thankful, and excited, to see all these connections going on in his brain.

The kids enjoy karate with their dad. Another (very large) family of kids participate and they invited us to one of the kid's 8th grade football team. We're talking small town football, in the midwest, against two rival teams (towns are neighbors). 

Know what I loved about it besides the beautiful weather?

The small-town feel of safety and comfort. Inside the field, kids ran all over, under the bleachers, the grass, and no parents hovered. Families grouped together and talked. Everyone was friendly. It was just so nice, and I am thankful to find that bits of life like that still exists. 

Ah, thankful for sweeties like this one. We passed a football shaped recycle bin and she turns to me, all excited, and said, "Look at the basketball!!!" :) Obviously, we are not sports fanatics, but this game gave us a new perspective.

Here's to hoping this next week is just as normal, just as ordinary, as this one, because our little slice of life is pretty darn good at the moment, and I want to savor it.

God bless!


  1. Sounds like things are going well and you are having a lot of fun, so glad to hear it!

  2. Lovely post, Nicole...
    The love of ordinary days is something we share.
    And yours are beautiful.
    That pie!!!! Perfect!
    Have a blessed, wonderful weekend!


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