Friday, August 22, 2014

Thankful Thursday: In Need of Thanks

I don't know about you, but I have too much negativity building up on my social media. I am in serious need of reviving the Thankful Thursday posts. Life is never perfect but it sure can be beautiful.

First off, I am thankful I can sit in the comfort of my home and create this thankful post.

I am thankful for this little girl, growing up way too fast. The crazy toddler/3's/4's seem to be melting into the sweet world of a 5 year old eager to please and learn. She is into jewelry and clothes, letters and sounds, "writing" and taking care of anyone or anything that will let her.

I am thankful for this bundle of sweetness. She is definitely a momma's girl which is a change for me after the other three for this age. She loves cuddles, to have me read to her for any spare minute I have, and she talks up a storm. I have no idea what she says most of the time but she is very earnest.

I am thankful for an almost neat school room. We still use the dining table most of the time but it sure is nice to have a room for comfort and to store all our books and supplies. I am thankful for a great to start to a new year. We are actually over half-way through our first quarter, and while some days I want to pull out my hair, in general, it is going great.

I am thankful for a fun day at the fair. We only stayed a few hours. That was enough for me. My mom, the woodcarver, sets up a table at the fair so we visited with her in the "old-towne" part of the fair for a bit.

I am thankful for fair fries. If you can find a seller than only fries fries, then you have yourself a gluten-free lunch or dinner at the fair, as long as you skip the malt vinegar! It was worth the $6. We don't buy anything else aside from ride bands. Even admission was free on this day!

I am thankful for this guy. Talk about growing up too fast. He's my thinker, this one. If only I knew what was going on in that head of his. A carver friend gave him this little raccoon. Isn't he sweet?

I am thankful for this bundle of smiles. Usually. Sometimes he reverts to his old self and hides under the table or a pillow. Then he realizes that if he just finishes his work he can play instead of pout. He's a joy to teach. Really. Most of the time. He's pretty stubborn. And look what he has? A dragon carved by my mom.

I am thankful the fair rides brought my kids joy because I felt hot and sweaty and exhausted.

And my favorite! I am thankful that these two still feel comfortable holding hands every now and then in public. Sweet innocence. Sweet brothers.

I am thankful for play-doh. It keeps everyone quite busy. Of course, most of our gluten-free Aroma Dough is gone as it hardened from too much use.

I am thankful for a shrine nearby that feels more welcoming than our own local parish (from the priests and the laity). We go there for confession and daily Mass once a week. The kids just love it too.

Need I say anything more?

Look at this! I am so thankful for excitement over a new bike rider. Though it looks as if her training wheels are working, they are not, and Miss L is now riding on two wheels!

I am thankful for family and for gatherings of friends and family. Summer time is easy.

I am blessed and for that I am truly thankful.

"As to the past, let us entrust it to God's mercy, the future to Divine Providence. Our task is to live holy the present moment." ~~ St. Gianna Molla


  1. Lovely thankful post!
    Such beautiful pictures of your sweet little ones at the fair...
    My baby is almost 5! Sweet sweet sweet. : )
    Have a cozy evening, Nicole.

    1. Hi Billie Jo! They grow up way too fast, don't they? Thanks for stopping by. :)


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