Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Catholic Faith for Littles: God Made Me & I'm Special

August's Theme: God Made Me & I'm Special

Prayer Work

Continue learning prayers at each child's level.

Coloring Pages

*Change up the medium -- crayons, colored pencils, markers, water colors, etc.!*
  • Psalm 42 and 139 (Resource)
  • Angel Coloring Pages: God Made Us Angel and the Recreating Angel (Resource)


Read Catholic Treasure Box #3 and #4 -- use as inspiration depending on child's interest.

Read Bible Stories (from the Catholic Book of Bible Stories):
  • God Remembers Joseph
  • God Watches Over Baby Moses
  • God Saves the Israelites
  • Crossing the Sea

Bonus Activity Ideas

*My goal is to do one activity a week. Some tie in the overall monthly theme while others tie into the Bible stories.*
  • Make a family tree.
  • Draw your family.
  • Play God Knows Me game: ask child, "Where is God?" Child answers, "Here beside me!" Ask, "Where is that?" and child answers, "Beside me in my [bedroom]." The child then chooses a new spot and the questions are repeated.
  • All About Me Rainbow printable.
  • Video interview.
  • Self-portrait.
  • Take a 5 senses nature walk.
  • Play with Our Catholic Family paper dolls.

Here is a simple lesson plan if you need one (repeat each week for a month):

Monday: Prayer work. Introduce topic and do a coloring page.

Tuesday: Prayer work. Read from Catholic Treasure Box.

Wednesday: Prayer work and Bible story.

Thursday: Prayer work and activity.

This is my simplified version that works with our homeschooling schedule. You could do so much more if you only have little ones or are planning a class. Everything could fit into a single, weekly class as well. Let the plans inspire you, not weigh you down.

God bless.


  1. HI Nicole!

    Thanks so much for your visit and comment on my new year homeschool traditions! I'm so glad I came over here to visit your corner in blog land! What a beautiful family and blog you have! I love this post, as it brought me back to when I first started homeschooling with then 3 little ones back in 2005. I wasn't blogging back then (I started my blog in 2010), but if I was, I would be listing similar resources and activities as your post here! Oh if I had all the time in the world I would go back and scan my old photos and blog about my first homeschooling years! I clicked on your Liturgical Year tab and I just love the beauty and organization you did! You've inspired me to maybe do something similar in my own domestic church and/or on my blog! And you find inspiration from the same blogs I do: Catholic Icing, Catholic Inspired, Equipping Catholic Families, etc. (There are soooooooo many great Catholic Mama blogs out there that are so beautiful and wonderful, including yours here) Thank you for sharing your love for the Catholic faith to your family and the world! I've started following you and I'm so glad we have "met" in blog land finally! God bless you on your school year with your precious "students" :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Tracy! I'm glad you like my blog and it is an inspiration for you. :)


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