Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our Catholic Faith for Littles: God Made the World

This school year, for my youngest two (ages 2.5 and 5), I decided to create a simple lesson plan of activities for them to further discover our Catholic faith. Of course, as a family, we attend Mass regularly, go to Confession, talk about God, and live the Liturgical year at home. However, I specifically wanted to focus on certain topics with my five year old and naturally, the toddler wants to join in.

I originally thought of using Who Am I? pre/k books, which I really do love, but I had just spent quite a bit for other subjects with the boys, that I thought, why not do my own, with what I already had? And so I did. And so I share it with you.

July's Theme: God Made the World

God Creating the Animals of the World -- Izaack Van Oosten

Prayer work

Continue at each child's level in teaching prayers.

Coloring Pages 

*Change up the medium -- crayons, colored pencils, markers, water colors!*

  • Psalm 104 and 107. (Resource)
  • Angel coloring pages: Sacred Heart of Jesus angel, fishing angel. (Resource)


Read Catholic Treasure Box #1 and #2 -- use as inspiration for activities if child shows interest.

Read Bible Stories (from the Catholic Book of Bible Stories):
  • God's Wonderful Creation
  • Adam and Eve Disobey God
  • Noah's Faithful Journey
  • God's Promise to Abraham

Bonus Activity Ideas

  • Take lots of nature walks (or only one walk or just sit on the deck and point things out like I did).
  • Take care of God's creation -- use your pets, visit a pet store, a nature preserve, feed the birds.
  • Draw or paint a picture of God's creation.
  • Make an apple and snake out of play-doh. If you're really artsy, create an entire Garden of Eden on your kitchen table. (We love Aroma Dough as a gluten-free option!!! It is expensive but I love, love, love it and only need to buy once a year, maybe twice a year -- the girls are really enjoying it.)
  • List or talk about the rules in our family. What are God's rules for us?
  • Do a rainbow craft to go along with the story of Noah. (Pinterest is your friend here.)
  • Have a snack of animal crackers while reading Noah. One year, with the boys, I printed a big picture of an ark and they had fun *playing* with their food while eating.
  • Stay up late to star gaze. Count the stars.
  • Make a night scene with black paper and sticker stars. Count the stars. Connect with a white crayon to make constellations.
  • Play charades. Have pictures of things to act out (a tree, an animal) and you try to guess what each other is. Tie this into faith: we know the child is not a dog, but we still know what he is pretending to be. Just like God - we can't see Him, but know He is there. This is having faith.

Ok, admittedly, this was my plan for July. We do one coloring page a week, one Bible story a week, prayer practice (nearly) every day, and the Catholic Treasure Box books all at once or a bit here and there depending on the focus of my daughter. My plan was to do an extra activity once a week, but that has not happened. At all. That is just how it is sometimes. And that is O.K.

Miss L is also moving along the Alphabet Path from Elizabeth Foss, and so is encountering different saints as she listens to the story of Michael, Mrs. Applebee, and all the fairies. She is also painting pages of manners using Writing the ABCs on Little Hearts from Pondered in My Heart.

Hope this inspires someone!

God bless.

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