Saturday, June 7, 2014

Thankfuls: the little things

I know it's not Thursday, but one can give thanks any day so without further ado...

I am THANKFUL for sunny days and family time.

I am THANKFUL for cousins and innocent play ("peek-a-boo").

I am THANKFUL for the love of cats and for the joy of children in taking in strays and finding kittens.

I am THANKFUL for gluten-free play-doh from Aroma Dough. It's definitely a treat for us, but the kids were so excited when I pulled out four fresh balls of dough. Mmm... and the smell so good too!

I am soooo THANKFUL that this snake is out of our basement and back in nature. Even if it was a baby.

Speaking of critters, we've had our share of spring mice, and while I'm THANKFUL for our mouse-catching cat, I'd be more appreciative if he kept the mice out of our bedroom. It is not the play room he thinks it is!

I am THANKFUL for the beauty around me that I discover each day.

I am THANKFUL for the few naps Miss Z still takes.

I am THANKFUL for eager helpers.

I am THANKFUL for karate. The boys had testing the other day and you can see how much they have improved in less than a year. Mr. A was a bit nervous but he did very well and I expect we will see a second stripe on that belt soon enough.

I am THANKFUL for little notes and sketches. In putting together the boys' portfolios, I came across these two drawings by Mr. A. Aren't they sweet? He finally showed interest this past year in drawing and even coloring. Giving the kids nice, blank sketchbooks was a positive for this school year.

I am THANKFUL for a cool night. Cool enough for a fire and s'mores. :)

And for quick visits just to say hello.

God bless until next time.

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