Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thankful Thursday: I'm Back and Photo Overload

I'm back! As amazing as most of February and March was, the last few weeks have not been as nice. But you know what?

I'm thankful for starting to feel back to myself. I'm thankful that I am not dying, that I am not in pain (now), that I can walk (now), that I can think (mostly). Yes, a hemiplegic migraine visited me two weeks ago, but life moves on, and here I am.

I am thankful this is past:

My husband had it weeks and weeks ago. Two weeks later, A. did and a week after that, D. did. Long incubation or weird that it only hit those three at such long intervals? I don't care. It's over and I'm glad!

I'm really thankful for this kid. D. and Miss L. are still learning, but A. really knows how to step in and take care of Miss Z. and the others when I'm down. Part of me feels guilty, but part of me knows that is part of growing up. And I would rather he grow up taking care of everyone knowing that mom is down because of illness and not because of something else (like drunkenness - been there, done that and don't wish that on my kids). Still, I know it stinks when mom is sick often. Been there, done that too.

I am thankful for health. Mine might not be what I want but it is better than it was this time last year. None of us are dying. We are relatively healthy. We may visit the doctors a lot and have extra tests done, but we don't live in the hospital. We have a future ahead of us.

Thankful my kids are not scared of the doctors and feel as at home there as they do at our own home. Does that tell you how often we have visited the doctor lately? Well, they definitely know us by name now.

I'm thankful we can turn something scary into a teaching moment. It's pretty cool to look at one's brain after all. A. is checking out his brain at home. I'm thankful for radiologists because it's amazing they can see what they see.

Unfortunately, A.'s MRI was not given the all clear so he has to see a neurologist in June. It's nothing so serious as a tumor and I would place a bet it has to do with his celiac disease and nutrient deficiency as a result (whether from before diagnosis or he's becoming more sensitive to gluten contamination). 

He had a MRI done because of increasing headaches. The radiologist saw white spots in the cerebellum that were abnormal and unspecified, possibly due to migraine. We'll see. I'm sure it means more tests. A.'s naturally a little anxious but hopefully I explained it well enough with him so he's not too anxious. Look at all this stuff we're learning.

Thankful for snow when it's warm enough for shorts! Thankful it's completely gone now. Though I did try to dig up part of a bed and found solid ice underneath.

Thankful for sun!

I'm thankful for green! All this sun, warm temps, and rain are bringing the green of the grass out, and we have daffodils nearly in bloom!

Thankful for an afternoon out for a little drama. We saw Stuart Little and it was very cute. All the kids loved it.

Thankful for paint. Yes -- paint! The kids were making a dot painting today for our Australian study. 

It eventually morphed into free-form of course.

I'm thankful we seem to be on schedule for school. I think. We are definitely further behind this year at this point compared to last year but... we'll get it done.

I'm not sure if I'm thankful for this little helper while I graded A.'s work or not.

I'm thankful for colored water. It definitely keeps the little ones occupied for quite some time. Simply take an old egg carton and fill 1/2 the tray with water, but not so high that the water can go from hole to hole. Color the water (blue, yellow, and red are best so you don't get brown immediately). Give each child a carton and dropper and have them move colored water to the empty holes to make new colors. To make this even more fun, use vinegar in place of water and have a plate of baking soda. Drop the colored vinegar on the baking soda for explosive, color-mixing fun.

I'm thankful for colored pencils. They're pretty and so much more fun than markers. And crayons.

I'm not sure what the kids are doing here. I just love their happiness. I'm thankful for that. It's a nice balm after hearing too many sad stories.

And for this little girl. She is so darn cute. Usually. She is two after all. (She's coloring her paper plate angel.)

I'm thankful these girls love to do "school" together. Miss L will probably teach herself to read the way it's going. Actually, she's much more interested in copying/writing letters than in pronouncing them. It will come. She's only 4. Miss Z though loves to copy the sounds.

Prayer hands. Awww... 

Playing restaurant. Miss L is taking orders. See the marker on the hand? Yes, I'm I just love markers.

I'm thankful for enthusiastic bakers and decorators. We wrapped up our Antarctica study with a cake!

I'm thankful for every day humor:

And for this group of people in my life:

I'm thankful for my drama queen. I love how she dresses herself:

And for her guilty looks. I may not know what happened but at least I know something did happen.

Thankful for solo time with the little one and sweet treats on the bed. Shh...

Thankful for this silly dude. Moments before this picture he looked exactly like a modern Peter Pan. He tried to recreate the pose to no avail.

Thankful for these silly kids.

I'm really thankful LENT is not over. I am not even close to ready for Easter -- physically or spiritually. I am thankful God meets us where we're at.

I'm thankful for how focused my husband is on his weight and health. He is really into karate and has lost over 40 pounds since July! We head to a karate tournament in May. That will be interesting.

Thankful for pure cuteness. Miss Z just loves her baby dolls. She holds them, puts them to sleep, feeds them, and makes them talk, as she's doing here.

Seriously, do I really have to say anything about this picture?

Thankful for my little poser. And for those headbands. I hate wet hair on my face and these soft headbands keep the hair off!

I'm thankful for big brothers.

And warm fires still.

And sleeping babies...

And for noses touching baby toeses. (I couldn't resist.)

Yep, thankful for a baby in my bed. I get more sleep that way.

Oh, I'm thankful for baby hugs and pouty toddler faces.

And for sisters...

I'm thankful for new school materials arriving daily at the moment as we gather books for next year so I have time to figure out our year before that year starts.

Thankful for the magic cross. A.'s CCD class made these last night and the kids proceeded to cover a wall in the dining room with them. They wrote and drew on them.

And last, but not least, I am thankful that my husband's first Android game was finally, finally written and released. Check it out here. It's a unique, simple version of solitaire that my dad taught me years ago when I was a kid, and we were camping. My kids love the game and have been eager testers for their daddy.

We had fun showing it to grandparents (that's my dad).

And great-grandma, who was absolutely hilarious. She went from confusion to annoyance to frustration to well, this is kind of fun I think to let me play again before I leave.

I'll be linking up with Jamie Jo of course. :)

God bless.


  1. Oh, my gosh!! There's so much here, I'm going to forget some...LOVED it all!!

    First of all, I'll be praying for your son...brain stuff is so scary...but they can find out things from that MRI that maybe will help him. Tom just had an MRI done Wednesday and they found out he has a thyroid problem from it...from his brain!! Very cool you could see his scans at home!

    I hope you are feeling better, I wish we lived closer, you know I'd be over picking up the kiddos and helping you out...bringing why does God have us so far apart?

    LOVED seeing a picture of YOU!! You are beautiful.

    Loved all your ideas..the dot painting, the dropper colored water...Everything

    Loved miss Z's pony tail...Oh, made me go Ahhhhhhh!! She's a honey.

    All your kiddos are adorable!!
    Loved the kids in shorts on a sled on the snow!! I totally get that one!! Amazing how it can be warm(er) and yet still so much snow!

    We had a 70 degree day this week and the next day it was 50 and we were freezing outside!! (kind of funny because for months we yearned for 50)

    We have that Flying Creatures book....and never did it this year! My goal was to do it with my 2nd and 3rd graders...we'll have to do it this summer...on the porch!

    Love the guilty down face girl..I have a couple like that too..
    Congratulations to your husband on the weight loss! That's awesome! My husband lost a ton when he did Tae Kwon Do, but then hurt his back and still can't do it.

    Thanks for linking up and being thankful, you are awesome!

    1. Yes, modern medicine certainly has its perks! That's great that they found the thyroid problem. Hopefully that goes a long way in helping in get well again. And yes, we had the pictures because I requested a cd copy to take to the neurologist in June.

      I know you would help me if you were nearby. Thank you. :)

      So glad you visited.

  2. Hi there!
    Visiting from Jamie Jo's...
    So enjoyed your thankful post.
    I'm thankful I found you!
    Have a cozy day. : )

    1. HI Billie Jo, thanks for stopping by! I always see you comment at Jamie Jo's. Glad you enjoyed the post.


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