Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: a hodge podge of life

So much to be thankful for... and in no particular order...

Crayola Model Magic Modeling Clay which subs as our play-doh around here. We used some to make our traditional Dr. Seuss characters (that's another post sometime soon) and then the kids spent a long time playing with the extra. There were a lot of snakes lying around.

Thankful for a healthy 7 year old and how my kids seem well-received at the doctor's when we show up together.

This was supposed to be thankful for cats sticking their noses in their paws but he moved at the lsat second. Still cute though.

Thankful for baby feet, and for this baby who took a picture of her own feet.

Thankful for reading in bed.

And for drawing in bed. Now you know why my kids never want to sleep.

Thankful for inspiration from this super cute print. I want to make a vertical striped skirt which I am sure will be a wonderful, messy, frustrating experience with my limited sewing skills. How else does one learn anyway? Hopefully I can do the math. All that advanced math in school and I'm horribly bad at basic math sometimes.

Thankful for cuddles on Grandma's couch.

Thankful for oobleck, which all the kids loved, and took up a good part of the day.

Thankful for signs of play around the house, like these dinos who like to take sink baths every day without me knowing it. I am trying to be thankful for this sink. I really do not like it (hard to turn on, no place for anything other than dinos, no coverage underneath - it's a pedestal). And I refuse to be thankful for the wallpaper in this room. Really, in a bathroom?

Thankful that this picture is displayed on my phone. It makes me calm and happy. It's purplish, appropriate for Lent, but also of promise of sun and warmth and fresh breezes.

Thankful for my oldest who turns 9 on Saturday. Thankful to have pictures to look back to, like Skipper at 4 months:

Thankful that the girls are starting to enjoy being read to. For a long while, it felt like such a fight, but miraculously they are recently taking turns and sitting still to listen. (And yes, my forehead looks dirty because this was yesterday after receiving ashes.)

Thankful my husband had a warm, cheery fire going when we came home from CCD last night. I feel a change in the air - spring is coming and I am sooo thankful - but it's still cold out there.

Thankful we were able to get away last week for a little family beat the winter blues mini-vacation. We spent two nights at an indoor water park and it was so much fun. I was completely exhausted by the end, but it was worth it.

Thankful for little girls who play, and color, and eat, and fight together:

Thankful my kids are growing and their appetites show it. Thankful they still all fit at this little kid table.

Thankful for birds! I hear them singing like crazy outside (starting to, the ones that are here) and having a field day with the suet and loose bird seed we threw out in the snow.

I am thankful for a bunny helper during Critter's reading time the other day, thankful that it was a less stressful lesson than normal. Thankful for my stubborn child. I have to believe that that stubbornness will come in handy one day.

Thankful for sweet baby curls. Do you see that long one? It was a perfect curl. I hated to see it go.

I am thankful for Lent this year. These penitential seasons are really growing on me. It's been a journey since I converted and then started a family, and I know it will continue to be one as I go on through as many years as the Lord gives me here on earth.


  1. Love all your thankfuls!!! Love that sweet baby curl!! Love those cute baby cowboy boots!!

    So happy you got away for a couple days, fun times and memories!!
    Link up!! I didn't get a chance to post it til Friday. My goal is Thursdays, but Thursdays are our busy day, with school, piano, my holy hour and Sam's club shopping every other week. I'm going to try to get better at being more regular at the link up!

    1. Hey, that's ok, I have to catch up on my blog reading so I didn't even know you posted a thankful post yet. :)


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