Friday, March 14, 2014

Thankful Thursday: It's Never Too Late

It's never too late to be thankful. For all I know, today is a Thursday. It's been that kind of week. Really, overall, not a bad week, but the kind of week where everything kind of blends together.

Certainly, the end of last week ended with a bang.

First, D. lost a top front tooth! He looks like he is in pain, but no worries, he was mostly disgusted by the bleeding that took place. (**I decided to change up the kid names. I couldn't stand the old ones really from the get-go. I like Miss Z so much that I'm sticking with that format. But something needs to be there for privacy.)

A. wrote up a note for his little brother for the tooth fairy. The next day, my son showed me his "prize" and asked if I wrote the note. That kid is too keen with details.

On Saturday, A. turned 9 and we had a simple celebration at home with a few gifts and his lunch request of mac-n-cheese (we use this GF mac-n-cheese) and a dessert request of orange cake with orange rum sauce (recipe in this book: The Allergen-Free Baker's Handbook).

A. is such a sweet boy. He has his meltdown moments, as do we all, but he is quick to take care of the others, loves to talk, never wants to sleep, still likes to cuddle even if you have to tell him he can still do it, loves to read, is thoughtful of others, is completely unaware of details in most things (unlike his younger brother above), is very trusting, and always has a smile on his face. As a baby, he smiled extremely early and it wasn't just a little smile. He cracked these huge, gum-splitting smiles with loud gurgling laughs.

We made it to Mass this week. That feels like a miracle in itself the way this winter has gone with weather and illness. There's something about Sundays this winter...

On Tuesday, the kids had their trip to the dentist. He's a good guy and the office does well with the kids (and us adults too!). A. has a bit of a cavity to fill but everyone else looks good.

The day was beautiful. Mother Nature teased us with temps around 50. Of course that means no jackets. We start cracking car windows around freezing this time of year. The kids were extremely excited by the weather on our way home. As A. said, "I get really high energy in summer."

Adam took the kids outside to play while I made dinner. Much of the snow is melted in this picture but all around them are still high drifts to wade through. I didn't hear any complaining though.

I am thankful my cat can still hunt mice, and that my husband was there to catch and dispose of him. The darn cat brought the mouse up to my bedroom to play with him while I was preparing for bed.

I'm thankful no one caught the stomach bug that struck my husband. He was out of commission a little over 24 hours. He even had to - gasp - take a day off work.

While he slept in-between bouts, he was completely unaware of Mother Nature outside, who felt our one day of spring-like weather was too much. There was so much snow coming down, I couldn't even take a half-way decent picture.

I'm trying to be thankful for the snow. It was pretty. We did not have to go anywhere (not that we could as it was blizzard conditions for much of the day and the roads were shut down per the government). We had a nice fire going and it felt all cozy. But I will be extremely thankful for spring.

Which is why I am very thankful for planning spring, summer, and fall gardens and seeing pictures like this as I do:

from Pinetree Garden Seeds and Accessories (safe seed pledge, non-gmo)

And, I was thankful for sun at the end of a long day of wintry weather:

I'm always thankful for sleeping babies. If your children sleep, then God bless you. I am happy for you. My children did not inherit my need for sleep.

Thankful for a sun room with big winter garden plans in my head. The kids were excited to play out there after my parents dropped their cat off for us to babysit (she's really, really old).

I'm thankful for sweet kids who came up with the idea to make get-well cards for their daddy.

Miss L's family drawing:

What is crazy is that Miss Z can draw faces with some semblance of arms and legs. I could not believe it when I first saw it. I thought one of the other kids drew the picture. She copies the others so well. I am continually amazed.

According to these pictures, Miss Z sleeps all the time. I'm just thankful for when she does and she's so cute, that I can't help but take pictures. So I'm thankful for cameras and holding hands and sleeping without a care.

I am thankful for the sun. It is the only thing (ok, not really) getting me through this long, cold, snowy winter. Usually, it is much darker and gray, which is worse than snow and cold for me, but this year most days have been bright and sunny.

See? Today's colorful sunrise!

God bless your week. I'm off to shuffle through the day, which I am quite thankful for being able to slog through another, but it feels like the kind of day where I will be very thankful for bed time to come.


  1. Oh, Nicole, your snow was almost totally gone!! We are getting the storm starting tonite and lasting til tomorrow night!! NO ONE is excited. Not even a little bit. We are DONE with winter!

    Love your sunset picture
    Love your kiddos, they are all adorable!
    Love chubby cheeks and chubby hands on that sweet sleeping baby.
    Simeon won't let me lay him down once he is asleep, but I can lay with him, with my face right in his face and then he will fall asleep. Bed time he will let me lay him down most of the time, thank goodness!!

    Happy birthday to your sweet boy! God bless him!

    Such sweet kiddos with cards for their sick daddy, love that picture and memory!

    Thanks for linking up!! 3 people this time, someday others will catch on! Thankfulness is catchy--keep it up, it makes me happy!!

    1. Yes, it does help. I almost didn't do one because of how the week was going but it helped to do it. :)

      Our snow is slowly melting. That spot above is our one clear spot (the highest spot in our yard). But at the time, some drifts were still over waist high in the backyard. It's supposed to be 50 today so I'm excited! Thanks for visiting.


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