Monday, March 3, 2014

Preschool: Over in the Meadow

Inspired by a friend pinning ideas like crazy about toddlers, books, and activities, I decided to try something similar with the girls. Miss Bear, after all, wants to do some sort of "school" and Miss Z is usually up for anything.

The basic layout for me is about 3 books a month with easy to do activities that deal with reading, math, art, and anything fun that catches my eye. I am gearing it to my 4.5 year old who really likes hands-on artsy activities.

Our first book was Over in the Meadow: An Old Counting Rhyme by David A. Carter. That was our first mistake as far as me gathering ideas. There are many versions of Over in the Meadow out there, and this particular one had no printables whatsoever. So I made them. I do not plan on doing that often as I want this to be as fun and spontaneous as possible.

Anyway, we did most of our "work" two weeks ago and finally finished up last Thursday when daddy and the boys were at karate. Miss Bear loved it and loves having all her work shown off along one dining room wall:

Day 1

  • Read the book. Used sequence cards together to recreate the book.
  • Science: Miss Bear separated a piece of white paper into water, land, and air, and glued on miscellaneous animals into what she thought was the best habitat. (The picture is in the middle above.)
  • I had Miss Bear choose a favorite animal for the book so I could pick a craft to do later in the week.
  • Miss Bear wrapped up the day by practicing the letter "A" in the little smiley notebook above, and listening to the story in song form, which I had to record personally as all the versions online are not exactly like this book.

Day 2

  • Read the book. Used sequence cards together to recreate the book, though I tried to have her do it first.
  • Math: I had printables of the animals by size and had Miss Bear arrange them smallest to largest. She then had fun pretending with the scraps of paper.
  • Art: Both girls created a meadow scene using construction paper and chalk (the big blue pictures above). You can't tell at all what they drew but they loved this.
  • Wrapped up the day by listening to the song again.

Day 3

  • Read the book. Used sequence cards together to recreate the book, always trying to have her do what she can. My hope is to get her comfortable in telling a story back, kind of an intro to narration, using the cards as a crutch. This is one printable that I think will be consistent with all the books.
  • Math: I created a printable with the animals in the book and the numbers 1-10. I had Miss Bear put them in order.
  • Science: We talked about the meadow being the animals' home, what makes a home a home, what makes our home a home, and what is the same and what is different between our home and theirs.
  • Wrapped up the day with the song again.

Day 4

  • Read the book. Used sequence cards together to recreate the book. When done, we stapled it together for Miss Bear to have her own little book to read.
  • Math: Miss Bear made a counting book using construction paper and stickers. I would write the number that came next and she would put that many stickers on the page. Miss Z wanted in on the action so I just made her a little "sticker book."
  • Art: Miss Bear picked the beaver as her favorite animal and so we finished off our book and activity with the this art project. Hands-down, this was the highlight of the week. She kept telling me how much she loved cutting, glueing, and painting. Building the den was the best part of the piece. She cut a strip of construction paper for the water, and a piece for the grass, which I then showed her how to cut a fringe of grass. She then cut strips of brown and a little green to glue down for the den. She painted the sky and beaver template (which we cut and pasted the next day when dry).

Overall, I really had fun with the girls doing this, and look forward to our next book, If Jesus Came to My House by Joan G. Thomas. I thought it would make for a nice Lent "study" for Miss Bear. I have never heard of the book until now and it is such a darling book. It might even be the kind that makes me teary eyed once the kids are older.

If you really, really want printables for this book version, I will send them to you via email. You only have to ask. I did not want to link to them because I am sure I am violating all kinds of copyrights if I do.


  1. This looks great, love all the activities! We haven't read this book, looks like a must do!

    1. Thanks Sylvia. It is a favorite book here for these years. It's a simple counting book but the pictures are fun and the song is so simple, catchy, and soothing.


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