Wednesday, March 5, 2014

On the Brink of Lent

We had our traditional ice-cream sundae dinner much to the kids' delight to celebrate Mardi Gras, this last night before our Lenten journey begins.

After, the kids helped put up a bit of Lenten decor:

Above our fireplace: pray, fast, alms.

Around the piano: Stations of the Cross booklets and candles to light for praying the stations at home on Fridays.

We  buried our Alleluia. Critter took on this job most willingly. He made us all sing it before hiding it in his bedroom closet.

A new idea for this year, if the sticky notes stay up that is. I gleaned the idea from Dawn at Sun and Candlelight. The idea is to have 40 stickies. I will write some family ideas of additional prayers, visits to great-grandparents, going to Mass, etc. for each day, writing as we go along through Lent to keep up with our changing schedule.

Rice bowl collection for Skipper and his CCD class, and some air-dry clay for an Ash Wednesday project tomorrow.

Our Lenten books and Jesus tree ready to go.

Our dinner table candles. We'll light all the candles to start Lent, but blow one candle out per week until no candles are lit come Good Friday.

God bless your Lenten journey.


  1. Such wonderful family traditions! I love the sticky note idea, may have to try to do something like that next year

    1. Yeah, we'll see how it goes. I'm just going to write each morning (or the night before) something for the day to do. For instance, today is go to Mass and receive ashes. Then, once the item is completed we'll crumple up the note and put it in the cross. At various points, I'll remove the paper and start putting in greenery and for Easter, add flowers. Thinking aloud, we'll see how it ends up.


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