Thursday, March 6, 2014

Musings after Ash Wednesday

We seem to be turning into night owls around here. No one wants to sleep. Ever. So we have slowly moved to later nights and mornings. Skipper used to wake at 4:30 as a toddler but now he pushes it to 7:30-8. Critter follows sometime after, and the girls can definitely sleep later if left undisturbed until 9:30 or so. 

It is odd. If you had asked me years ago, as a new parent, I would never have thought this schedule would work for us, but it does. Our mornings are very relaxed, which helps going into school. I have solo time in the morning. I have time to make a good breakfast. Our lunch is a little later which is good because then we take out afternoon snack and just go into dinner. Snack is reserved for later, after activities.

The activities really are what catapulted us into night owls. With karate two nights a week, CCD another, dance one night, and at least one visit from grandparents during the week, the kids kept staying up, and instead of fighting it, we adapted, and it works. I know that this is only a season and who knows what this time next year will bring.

With each season comes growth and change if we let it. With each season comes knowledge and joy and suffering and happiness and life. With each season, time passes. 

Now is the season of Lent.

Now is a time of preparation.

Will we be ready come Easter? Will we be ready come time to die? Will we have let us ourselves be changed with the seasons? For the better?


Ash Wednesday dawned with light snow flurries. The kids were eager to begin our Lenten journey with the Jesus tree:

And reading (you can click on the book for info from Amazon):

I had the kids make prayer pots out of air-dry clay that are empty now (as we ourselves should) and will slowly fill with symbolic items each Sunday until Easter (to symbolize how we too are filling ourselves during Lent). They used toothpicks to write their name on the pots and make designs around the pot.

Our yummy lunch of fish soup and gluten-free beer bread. I almost felt guilty that it tasted so good. Almost. I was hungry.

It's simple too: 2 cans of mixed veggies, 1 can of fire roasted tomatoes, 1 quart of vegetable stock, few small cod filets cut into bite-sized pieces, and spices to taste (I used salt, pepper, basil and cumin). Heat in pan until warm and fish is cooked through.

Off to CCD along with Mass where we received ashes. Miss Bear was able to go with me (I aide the 6th grade class) and she was so excited.

At home we lit our candles, said a prayer, and the kids had a snack. 


O gracious Master, infuse in our hearts the spotless light of Your Divine Wisdom and open the eyes of our mind that we may understand the teachings of Your Gospel. Instill in us also the fear of Your blessed commandments, so that having curbed all carnal desires, we may lead a spiritual life, both thinking and doing everything to please You. For You, O Christ, our God, are the enlightenment of our souls and bodies; and to You we render glory, together with Your eternal Father, and with Your all holy, life-creating Spirit, now and ever, and forever.

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