Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lenten Meal Plan: Week 1

Over the course of Lent, one thing I am adjusting are our meals. Eating junk, eating out, spending too much on groceries, and me eating foods I should not, have been more the norm than the exception lately.

I do not go overboard on Fridays with meatless meals. I always keep it simple. Overall, I want to keep the menu simple so that I know I will stick to it. Going off dairy - yet again - is always difficult initially. I think dairy might be the drug of my food world.

My personal plan for Lent is to have a filling breakfast with a soup for lunch and a smaller portion at dinner supplemented with a salad or other appropriate vegetable. No snacking allowed. That's going to be killer.

Anyhow, I thought maybe someone might be inspired by a meal or two. All my meals are gluten-free, and most are dairy, soy/legume, and egg-free as well. The exceptions will be when the kids and I eat different lunches or dinners.

Tuesday (Mardi Gras - that's today!):

  • B: Leftover chicken sausage with sauteed veggies and greens.
  • L: Oh, the places you'll go! pancakes to finish off our Dr. Seuss study.
  • D: An ice-cream bar!!! (I make sure the kids get a good snack late afternoon so this isn't so much of a shock to the system, but they love it.)

Wednesday (Ash Wednesday - fast day):

  • B: Fast - kids eat cereal/oatmeal. I will eat a banana or something.
  • L: A fish and vegetable soup. I'll make it on the fly with broth, veggies, tomatoes and chunks of fish. Bake up a loaf of GF beer bread for kids to have alongside.
  • D: Fast - kids will have some kind of dinner, maybe quesadillas and fruit and I might have a piece of that bread with some almond milk.


Friday (First Friday in Lent)

  • B: Canned salmon mashed with avocado and spritz of lemon juice and a side of sauteed/roasted veggies. Kids will have eggs instead of the fish though I am sure Miss Bear will beg for food off my plate, and I will let her because I do not want to squash her love of fish and greens.
  • L: Tomato soup (broth + canned tomatoes + spices). Add grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids. I'll probably add a bit of coconut oil for some lasting fat and calories for me.
  • D: Meatless pizza with a veggie tray. The kids will have a cheese pizza and add olives, mushrooms, etc. if they want. I will make my own basic flour crust and top with a homemade pesto (new recipe, using spinach and dairy-free), anchovies, and sauteed mushrooms. If the pesto is good, I can share the recipe if anyone is interested.


  • B: Meat/veggies/leftovers.
  • L: Skipper's birthday request of mac-n-cheese (I'll make some plain noodles with oil and spices and nutritional yeast for me) followed by his dessert request of orange rum cake.
  • D: Leftovers


  • Brunch: Biscuits and gravy with fruit
  • Dinner: Family Choice with a dessert of frosted pumpkin bars (our only sweet for the week, excepting Skipper's birthday).
With the exception of the potato and leek soup recipe, I have made everything. If you are interested in a specific recipe, let me know and I will share. :)

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